When Filming Wedding Videos Yorkshire

Tripod helps out with the aspect of panning when you are shooting wedding videos Yorkshire.

wedding videos yorkshireUnless you are willing to go ahead and settle with home videos that are about to give people vertigo while they are watching them, then you should always aim to go ahead and get a tripod set in place so that you have something that can go ahead and anchor down your camera and lens. You need to make sure that your camera is kept steady all of the time. Unless you are planning to shoot wedding videos Yorkshire that are about 15 seconds or shorter, then you should really have a tripod helping you out all throughout the time that you are there and covering the wedding event via video. A tripod is one of the very first few things that you will need to acquire whenever you are shooting wedding videos Yorkshire. It’s not something that costs too much money and it will not really cause too much of a bend in your budget as a starter or as a newbie wedding videographer so you might as well prioritize it because it can really turn out to bring in all of the right aspects in the videos that you are trying to produce for your paying clients.

Come up with a story board.

Just aimlessly shooting a video will not really do you in as a bit of an expert in wedding videos Yorkshire. When you have a story board that you can follow up on, you will be able to identify and cut the videos in segments. You will be able to organize clips based on what the starting point is, what the climax is in the middle, what the end part is, along with all of the other contributing scenes and factors that might come in between. This is something that will get to make things so much easier for you to follow through on. More than that, when you have a story board to follow, your thoughts do not become as scattered and as confusing. Your audience will be able to better see or understand how things will turn out at the end of the day. Go over this with your clients. It’s more than possible that they already have something in mind and it’s all just a matter of laying it down on paper and actually coming up with something tangible for it.

You don’t have to have everything on the final video.

Take the time to sift through the scenes of your wedding video Yorkshire. More often than not, the wedding videos Yorkshire that you produce will only either be 5 minutes or so long and nothing more than that for the teaser, as for the entire wedding, it will depend solely based on what you have discussed with the clients. You should check out the must-have shot list of moments that your clients would like to make certain that you will be able to go ahead and document so that you are absolutely sure that you get to bring in everything that they could possibly want or need out of the wedding videos Yorkshire coverage.

Linkedin Can Be Useful to a Wedding Photographer

Importance of social media

photography tipsSocial media is something that is technically really under appreciated by most of the new wedding photographers in the industry today. This is because of the fact that they don’t really see this is something that can turn out to be a really fairly lucrative marketing platform when it is being used the right way. There are actually so many discussions that come along with the effectiveness of social media but the bottom line in all of it is the fact that time and time again, businesses and commercial professionals have proven that it can actually turn out to be quite useful especially when you are more or less bent on acquiring potential clients or on at least getting people who have parallel interests to know about you or to notice you the right way as a professional wedding photographer.

Networking is the main key to success if you would like to make sure that you will be able to make it commercially as a wedding photographer and social media is technically one of the best and easiest ways for you to start off on your networking strategies.

Interact on LinkedIn

Although the main or the most common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like; one less popular social media platform that can really help you network with your fellow professionals is Linkedin. Again, we zero back to the fact that his is a free platform and what this means is that you will be able to use it or to utilize it without busting too much from your meager budget as a new wedding photographer. It provides a great venue for you to be able to interact and relate with the people who are working in your particular industry. This can be quite useful to providing you the kind of insights that you need so that you will be able to better wrap your head around the current trends and strategies that will apply to you and that will work for you in particular as a practicing professional wedding photographer cardiff.

Join specific groups

Make it a point to join in with specific groups that have something to do with wedding photography or with the aspect of being a wedding photographer. You will be able to glean useful info and wisdom that you will really be able to go ahead and implement well in your career.

Join in on on conversations

Make it a point to join in on conversations as well. Put in some relevant comments on threads that interest you or threads that make you feel involved with what is being talked about. Try to see as well if you will be able to go ahead and contribute some posts of your own as well as reply to any comments that might come in somewhere along the way. You need to keep in mind of the fact that this platform is regarded as a social media plat form for a reason and what that technically means for you is that you need to make sure that you are able to go ahead and pain an online presence that is deemed interesting and sociable when it all comes down to it.

Every Wedding Photographer Should Get a Tripod

Investing in a tripod is extremely important and crucial in your career as a wedding photographer.

tripodYou have to understand that once you are able to get most of your photography equipment sorted out, a tripod should be the next one on the list. This is mainly because of the fact that stability and steadiness are two of the most basic things that you will need to establish for the photos that you take as a wedding photographer during the wedding photography session. During the actual wedding event, you won’t really be able to pre-empt what kind of lighting situation you will have to deal with. If you get something that will be fairly favorable for you as a wedding photographer and something that will make your job so much easier, then good and well. However, if this is not something that you will be able to pull off, then you need to make sure that you are armed with all of the things that you need in order for you to successfully shot your pictures with next to no hassles at the end of the day.

Shoot in low light setting

A tripod is something that will be able to really get you out of a pinch if you ever find yourself having to shoot in a low light setting during the wedding event. When the camera doesn’t get enough light coming into the sensor, it will deliberately slow down the shutter speed so that it will be able to maximize exposure and make the most use of the lighting that it is able to get. Although this works out fine in the pictures, the down side to this is that the camera tends to shake or vibrate a little. If you did not go through the motions of being able to secure the camera and make sure that it is anchored down the right way, you will end up with blurry pictures at the end of the wedding photography shoot. That is not something that will get to reflect well on you as a wedding photographer and is something that you should avoid at all costs.

Sturdy and high quality

When you do get a tripod, make sure that you go for something that is sturdy and high quality. Most of the new wedding photographers usually have an issue with money and it can be quite easy to fall into the temptation of going for something cheap and slightly sub standard. This is not the kind of risk that you will be able to afford as a wedding photographer essex. You have to understand that you should prioritize the safety of your professional photography equipment about all else. When you opt to go for a cheaper and flimsier tripod, you run the risk of getting your tripod toppled over by the weight.

Easy to transport

You will also be bringing the tripod along with you all of the time during your stint as a wedding photographer. When you do decide to get a tripod, you might as least go for something that is built for easy transport.

How to Properly Prepare For a Wedding Photography Business

Get an extra camerawedding photography tips

You need more than just one camera, period. This is actually considered as a bit of a non-negotiable. You cannot head out and cover a wedding event with just one camera. That will spell a disaster for you if you are in the middle of covering a wedding event and all of a sudden, your camera breaks down for no apparent reason. You need something to catch you in case something happens. This may be a bit of a challenge if you are just starting out and you don’t exactly have the right amount of running capital to get a new high end and high quality DSLR camera, then what you can do is at least borrow a camera from someone, maybe one of your wedding photographer Cardiff friends.

Get two kinds of lenses

You need two lenses to start off with. You need a telephoto lens. This lens will be great for when you would need to take close-up photos of people you need to photograph from a distance. You need that for those moments when you can’t afford to be nearby such as the altar or during the speeches toasting the bride and groom. You will also need a wide angle lens. This lens will let you take group photos without running the risk of cropping any people out because you can fit them all in the frame of this kind of lens. It will also let you capture architectural designs and entire buildings without cutting anything out.

Practice, practice, and more practice

If you want to be skilled in something, then you need to go at it every single day. Bring your camera with you all the time and try to find the inspiration in all of the little things. The best way to start is by gaining experience by practicing in weddings that you are invited in as a guest. You get to practice your shots without having to go through all that trouble of being responsible for their coverage. You may also want to sort of assist a more established wedding photographer in his wedding gigs and learn a thing or two from him. The best way of learning your way around this is to actually get in there and start doing it. And whether you are a kinetic learner or not; wedding photography is something that is just way better when learned in the real world and not just in theory.

Create a blog and fill it with high quality content

This is the best time to start writing and if this is something that you are not that good with, there is no need to feel the pressure. This is something that can be learned over time. Stick to a weekly schedule and research your content properly to make sure that they are high quality.

Assemble a team

Assemble a team to accompany you during wedding events but if you can’t afford a team just yet, at least get an extra person. You can’t do it all alone. You need someone to assist you in all of this. There is just too much ground work that needs to be covered and having an extra hand can really help you out a lot.

Go over details

Meet with your clients and go over all of the details as much as possible. Talk to them and seriously go through all of the details. Manage expectations accordingly and know what they are expecting from you and what they would like to get out of the deal at some point.

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Photographer

professional wedding photographyIf you are organizing your own wedding and you have been at it for quite some time now, it would probably be quite understandable if you want to find a way to tone your costs down a bit at some point. Yes, there are a lot of things that you can turn down a notch and minimize the costs for but if you are ever going to do this right, skipping out on hiring a professional wedding photographer is not one of them.

You have to understand than once everything has been said and done, at the end of the day, the photos and the videos taken from the wedding day are the only things that you will basically have left. The food will spoil. The guests will start going home. The decorations will be taken away. The silver cutlery will be washed, polished and boxed up. However, your pictures will be there long after everything has been sent or packed away and that is something to think about. You should get your priorities in order and get all of your ducks in a row.

Know his stuff

You can count on a professional photographer to know his stuff and know his way around the post shoot processing of the pictures. You are guaranteed flawless and expertly edited pictures that are sure to really look good when they come in as finished photos.

Backup in place

A professional wedding photographer is also always sure to have a backup set in place to get you covered regardless of what happens during the wedding coverage. He will make sure that he has enough extra camera batteries, memory cards, extra cameras, and even extra people all throughout the wedding event that you are covering.

Manage crowds

If you get a professional wedding photographer, you are also almost always guaranteed that he will be able to manage crowds appropriately. This means that he will come off as someone who should be listened to without coming off as someone domineering and overbearing. This is the kind of equation a lot of people are having trouble with even in regular situations, so much more in an emotionally charged and hectic situation like a wedding event. Finding someone who knows just how to pull off that right kind of attitude and vibe will mean that you will be able to find someone who is able to manage wedding events like a smooth operator. It will take away a lot of stress from you having to worry about whether or not this is something that the photographer can pull off.

Get value

Lastly, getting a professional wedding photographer Waterford means that you are getting value for every single dollar you put in. What this means is that he will not really be counting each and every single hour he puts in accounted for. A true professional will go through the motions of going above and beyond the number of hours he has quoted in the tiered price package. He will have no problems giving more hours than usual just to make sure that the photo quality is guaranteed.

What To Do When Looking For a Wedding Photographer

wedding tipsSurvey

Do a quick survey with friends, family members, and acquaintances regarding a wedding photographer they might have worked with in the past and who they highly recommend. Talk to friends and other people you may know who just recently married. Chances are that they have had their fair share of wedding photographers they have reviewed and will most likely have a ton of advice and options available for you. This is an untapped resource that you should not allow to go to waste if you could help it. Take notes and try to ask for the contact info to make your life way easier than having to seriously start from scratch.

List expenses

Make a list of all of the expenses you have for the wedding and figure out how much you are setting aside for the wedding photographer. Expense is everything when it comes to organizing a wedding. You should have a budget drawn up and make sure that you stick to it by all means. Not having a budget will leave things completely blown out of the water and leave you high and dry and probably neck deep in debt, if you are not careful enough. Decide on an amount of money that you would like to spend for a wedding photographer and stick to it by all means. Commitment is everything and in this situation, it involves the amount of money that you put in at some point.

Negotiate pricing

Negotiate the pricing with the wedding photographer. Check out the price packages and see how it adds up for you value-wise. And speaking of pricing, a little street smart in negotiating never hurt anyone. Review all of the pricing packages other wedding photographers out there have to offer and go ahead and compare them or pit them against each other. Check out if the value adds up for you and make the best choice available.


Ask if they have a team assembled and try to do a meet and greet to really get acquainted. An open line of communication with the essex wedding photographer will ensure that all of the expectations are managed and you get to have everything you would like to get out of the service. More than that, a team will make sure that tasks and other responsibilities do not get backed up. A team will make sure that all the tasks are disseminated and make sure that all grounds are covered.

Review contract

Review the contract the wedding photographer has drawn up and check if it is something that is fair for you as a client. You have to know what the photographer is contractually bound to satisfy and make sure that you are not being cut short out of a really good deal. If you have the time, see if you can quickly get the contract reviewed by a legal attorney and ask for his professional opinion on whether or not it is something that checks out. One particular item to check out would have to be the copyright requirements. Check if it stipulates that you have to pay every time you get the pictures printed out.

6 Tips on Event Photography

event photography tipsEvents are highly stressful scenarios

It doesn’t matter what the overall theme is. There are general principles being followed in event photography and those 6 tips are what we will be sharing with you in hopes of helping you out if you are just starting out on your way towards this particular career path.

Your gear is the magical goose that lays the golden eggs; invest wisely in them

It is no big secret that event photography can be a really lucrative business. It comes with a necessary evil though in the fact that it also requires a huge amount of capital to be put in it first. You need to invest in high quality cameras that will really be able to deliver high resolution and high quality photos to your paying clients. You also need more than just one camera, for contingencies and the like.

Ask what the central theme is all about

You need to be able to wrap your head around what particular event exactly you will be covering. This will leave you better equipped and better able to prepare for what you need to do. It spells all the difference in the world because it varies greatly if you’re covering something big like a wedding or something fairly small scale like a going away party or something to that effect. Do not be afraid to ask all of the right questions, especially about topics that you think you have every right to know as the official expert in event photography who will be tasked for the coverage of the event.

Get a contract drawn up and get it reviewed by a legal attorney

You need to have your liabilities covered at all times. Get a contract drawn up and make sure that it is iron clad, all the loopholes are covered, all the grey areas ironed out. This will ensure that at some point, if something happens, you will be able to mitigate it or do enough damage control so that it will in no way hurt your career or your event photography business venture.

Make sure that you are able to really specify the different things you are including in your pricing

Learn where to draw the line. Be clear and concise when itemizing the services and number of hours that you include in a price quote. Do away with the flowery words because it may just bring in confusion which may eventually lead to dissatisfaction on the part of your clients. Put everything in black and white.

Dress appropriately and blend in with the rest of the people attending the event

One example would be, say, you being tasked to cover a costume party. You need to be able to blend in with the crowd and perhaps get dressed in a costume yourself. Remember, a great event photographer knows that stealth and a certain level of invisibility is his greatest bet in getting those authentic and natural photos of people attending the events.

Always prepare for the worse

Never be complacent. Pack enough extra batteries and memory cards that will last you an entire week, if needs be. There’s no harm in going absolutely overboard here.

Get Natural Looking Wedding Photography Pictures

wedding photography tipsBuild a friendly and chatty relationship with the people you take pictures of

It takes a lot of savvy to be an actual professional in the tough world of wedding photography. And that includes the fact that you need to be able to converse with the people you photograph. Just be your usual self. Be polite. Talk to them about normal things that normal people talk about in between takes. Be friendly and strike up a certain level of rapport. Heeding these words will make the shoot much more enjoyable not just for you as the Sussex wedding photographer but for the people you are photographing as well. More often than not, when you become so entranced in your craft, you might sometimes oversee the fact that you are working with human beings. Treat them as such and everything should come off easily.

Change the angles up a bit every now and then

A change of perspective, especially from an art POV, never hurt anyone. Be brave enough to change the camera angle every once in a while. Have fun out of it and let your inner creativity shine through. Experiment enough with the shots that you take because you will eventually be able to produce great looking pictures that are not only professionally done but unique works of art as well. Practice constantly until you are able to find your own sure footing.

You should always be the bride’s number one fan

This one should go without saying. The photographer should be the bride’s best friend. Foremost, the bride is most likely the one you’re going to have to spend most of your time with so making sure that your relationship with her is more than OK is key to a smooth work flow. The bride is also almost always the star of the wedding show and is almost always the focus of the entire wedding photography project so you need to make sure that she always comes out looking glowing and beautiful in all of her photos. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you think she will look better at a different pose. Be honest but polite but more importantly, let her know that you are sincerely looking out for her welfare and for how her photos come out.

Compliment the women appropriately

Women in general love being complimented. Use this well in your wedding photography journey and you will be able to elicit the best natural looking and flattering photos and that you will ever get your hands on.

Encourage groups of people to come together when being photographed

Advise the group to huddle in closer to each other and to bridge the physical gap as much as possible. Your photos will come out looking cozy and sweet – just the way they should come out.

Make the people you film comfortable first and they will come out looking comfortable in the photos.

Never film an uncomfortable looking subject. Go out of your way to make that person feel a little better first. Someone who is clearly within his element photographs so much better than someone who looks awkward and ill at ease.

Undertaking the Essentials of Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsAssess yourself

The first thing that you would need to do before even thinking about getting into the world of wedding photography in a professional sense is for you to objectively assess yourself first. Are you really ready for that kind of challenge? Are you skilled enough to cover events for photography and actually be paid professionally for it? If you’ve recently acquired a nice DSLR camera and have started taking practice shots and some friends mentioned that they turned out quite nice when you posted them on your social media platforms, that type of accolade alone might not be enough. Go to an actual professional photographer and ask for feedback for your work. Ask around as well and try to get the gist of what the majority of them are saying.

Second, get some training of any kind

It doesn’t matter of you got yourself in a short course or in a years-long curriculum just as long as you get some kind of formal and technical training in the craft. Sometimes, just swinging it and just by going with your instincts is not always enough. Offer to assist a professional wedding photographer and help cover his events. You will learn a lot through experience and under the tutelage of someone who has had hands on approach to the field. Keep an open mind and be open to learning new things, re-learning things you thought you already knew, and un-learning the things that you knew wrong.

Be honest about the level of experience you’ve had

Be upfront with your client if your only experience in the past was to just assist in other photographers’ wedding gigs and never really having any kind of experience of covering a wedding on your own. Admit the things that you are quite capable of and the things that are just a little way beyond your skill set. Have a long and detailed conversation and go over the details of what they are expecting from you and discuss and see if they can make compromises on the things that you can deliver and be brutally honest about it. This is something that you can’t just sugarcoat into a nicely packaged sales talk.

Prepare your gear ahead of time

Make sure that your cameras and all the other accessories are always in top condition and are always spic and span. Know your gear like the back of your hand. Familiarize yourself with all of the settings and modes that your camera has to offer and take practice shots daily just so that you keep getting better at it. The more frequently you do something, the more you are able to commit it to memory until such time when you are able to operate without even thinking much anymore or until it almost becomes part of your reflexes as a photographer.

Get out a list of the shots that the bride and groom absolutely cannot compromise on. These are the must-have shots that you need to take in order to make the asian wedding photography coverage substantial enough. Do your best to memorize the list but keep the physical one with you anyway for good measure.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsThe wedding day is one of the most important days of anyone’s life but that is exactly where the problem is – it is only for one day. And when you really get to think about it, there is only so much you can do to fully remember all of the details in one day. Choosing a wedding photographer is no easy feat to do. You have to really commit to it and work on all of the most essential factors that are involved being able to successfully choose your essex wedding photographer.

The first thing that you would really need to look into would be to review the photographer’s work history. Does the photographer have any kind of experience in covering any wedding events? Experience should be the deciding factor or the point that makes it or breaks it. Going for an inexperienced wedding photographer will really bring in a lot of complications. The risks are not mitigated properly. Look at the photographer’s online portfolios and review the styles and how you like them. You need to see if you that photographer’s style is something that you think will work for you and for your upcoming wedding. Also try to see if you can ask for contact info from his former clients and see if you can call them or arrange a short and friendly meeting to see if there are any conclusive inputs about said photographer and if they can make any good comments and recommendations about the said photographer’s work ethics as well as actual finished photos.

Check the gear

It is also important for you to check the kind of gear that the photographer is using. There is no need to have any kind of technical knowledge, well, back track a bit; it is important to have at least the most basic of tidbits. At least go for someone who has more than just one camera because a back up of some kind is always a great thing as well as a couple or more lenses for variety on the angle of the shots.

Look into the style

Try to look into the photographer’s style as well. You and the photographer should sit down and seriously meet and discuss what the details are with regards to what the photographer would like to do and whether or not this is in line with what you would like to do with your wedding. Having a vision and going with it is important. You would also need to have a good wedding photographer who can deliver what you would like during the actual wedding event.

Read the contract

You also need to look at the wedding photographer’s contract. The contract needs to be simple but concise. You also need to see if the contract is iron clad, making sure that nothing is veiled out into oblivion. You need to clearly see everything you want to have on print as well as what the photographer is bringing to the table as well. It also help if the wedding photographer you hire has any kind of insurance, just to get the risks covered in case something goes awry.