The Search for an Alternative Wedding Photographer

alternative wedding photographerYou have definitely heard about the wedding photographer but what does an alternative wedding photographer even look like. Do they differ much from the average wedding photographer? Well, for all you curious minds, the job of an alternative photographer does not differ much from the wedding photographer you are already used to. They take the same pictures like photographers, liaise with the couples to get a feel of what they want, cover the length and breadth of the event to get the best pictures possible and then give the final result to the couple.

Perhaps, the only thing that differs or separates the alternative photographer from the others out there is the approach which is used to take the pictures. The alternative photographer might not get you to gather together for posed shots but might think of a more creative way to still get the same type of pictures. There is nothing traditional about the approach which is used to capture the images.

So, does that mean that when you want to hire the services of an alternative photographer, you have to go about the search process differently? The answer is no! The same way you are likely to go bout searching for any wedding photographer is the same way you can get yourself an alternative one. The only thing you would have to do different is be specific about the type of photographer you want.

Where can you find one? Read below:

  • On the net

The internet has to be the first option because it is basically a worldwide tool and any other option, we recommend to you may very well be as a consequence of using the internet to search. The internet is a very useful tool if you know how to go about its use. So, how do you go about using the internet to get yourself an alternative wedding photographer? Simple! Load up a search engine and type in a search query. You are bound to be shown multiple results. From the results that pop out, you can draw up a list of those that interest you and if you would be reaching out to them.

  • Family and friends

So, you may have friends and close relatives who recently got married. You may have even attended these events and as a consequence been in one of the several images that would have been shot that day. If you liked the turn out of the images, why not reach out to these friends and family members for the contact of their photographer. However, be sure to clarify that the photographer who covered their wedding falls into the alternate category you want.

  • Local papers

Ever opened a newspaper and seen a local business advertising their services? Well, the photographer you want might just be on that page. So, why not browse through listings on your local paper and you can save yourself the hassle of asking around or browsing the net.

Contact alternative wedding photographer if you need photography services on your special day.

How to Get Great Images for Newborn Photography Calgary

newborn photography CalgaryNewborns are one of the most adored subjects in photography, which makes newborn photography Calgary very popular. Of course, these little stars shine all on their own, but that’s all the more reason to get them photographed. They deserve a place or two on the wall.

  • Safety

Of course, standard rules: safety first! Especially with newborn babies, safety is always what must take precedence in every situation. No matter how cute the potential photo could be, go about it the safe way, not the fast way.

Always have a spotter with the baby. If you have to, have a secondary spotter on call in case the first needs to switch out for any reason. It’s better to be safe, as anyone can attest. No one want to make a mistake with anyone’s baby.

Props should never be sharp, evidently. Likewise, make sure they aren’t too hard or rough for the baby. Stick to a strict idea of what should and shouldn’t be allowed near the baby, especially if the newborn is moving quite a bit.

  • Timing

Always keep in mind the ‘when’ of newborn photography. The best time to hold a newborn baby photoshoot is within the first fifteen days, but after the first five days of the baby’s birth. In this period the baby will be sleeping most of the day, which will make the baby much easier to pose and work with.

Also, keep in mind the baby’s schedule. The baby will have to be fed and changed as well, so keep that in mind when you’re planning for a photoshoot for any newborn. There is also the possibility that the baby may end up needing to be bathed due to an accident.

Speaking of accidents, always keep extra clothes and towels on hand. Not just for the baby. Just in case there are any sort of accidents, it’s just a good practice to keep extras on hand. You never know when you might need them, or what could happen in between shoots.

  • Photo Editing

This goes along with safety. You will want to sharpen up your photo editing skills if you haven’t yet, because the majority of the most popular baby photos are compositions of two or more photos. Yes, they’re technically fake, but they are also technically real.

Composition photos are made up of two images, one of which includes both the baby and the baby’s spotter. The other image is just the general image without the baby. These two images are essentially photo-shopped, or edited together, to make the image of just the baby and the props.

  • Keep the Baby Comfortable

Every newborn photography Calgary should know that causing any sort of discomfort to the baby could spur a limitless amount is accidents or tantrums. It is vital to keep the baby as comfortable as possible to avoid any outbursts or potentially messy accidents.

Keeping the baby comfortable will also keep the baby easy to handle and work with. If you disrupt the baby at all, be sure to sooth it immediately so that there is not disrupting the session, as it could cause the shot to lengthen or be cancelled.

For examples of newborn photography Calgary, take a look at the works of Dulce Baby Photography.

Photographer’s Advice on How to Select a Wedding Venue

wedding photographer IrelandUnless you’re planning some kind of wedding that’s out of this planet, you’re going to need this advice to get you on the right track. The professional wedding photographer Ireland says so!

There are so many things to take into consideration when planning for a wedding, and one of the most notable of them all is the wedding venue.

Now, any venue can work just fine. You can have your wedding reception right in your sitting room with a few people in attendance, or you can throw a pool party with a Halloween theme. You can even go so fancy slash original and have your wedding reception on the moon. If you’re not thinking any of these or something related, then you probably want a “normal wedding” at a normal wedding venue, with normal wedding photographers and all.

So, here are some tips on how to choose a venue that’s going to make your “normal wedding” so extraordinary with great wedding photographs as captured by a professional wedding photographer Ireland.

How to choose a wedding venue

  1. Book your venue well ahead of time:

Do you know that most highly sorted wedding venues are booked up solid at least 6 months ahead of time? Some venues are not open 12 months ahead of time, for weddings. So, you may need to make up your mind about what venue to use 12 months before your wedding.

Here’s how to go about it.

  • Make a list of all the wedding venues you like.
  • Make out time to visit each and every one of them
  • And, don’t forget to go with a checklist of what you want (and what your photographers want as well)

Talking about a checklist, it’s basically up to you, but you have to take the following points into consideration for the sake of your wedding photographer Ireland.

  1. What is the lighting like?

The lighting at the reception space has to be on point, and so does the lighting in the “getting ready areas”. Lighting is a very key factor in creating successful images. Bad lighting can break a picture while good lighting can make it. Giving the photographer prior warning or allowing them scout the location days before the wedding enables them prepare contingency plans to curb the lighting issue.

  1. Will there be more than one wedding for that day?

If you’re reading this and you don’t know much about Ireland, then know this. Irish don’t ever waste anything, and that includes their time. So, the wedding photographer Ireland wants to know how to schedule their time in order to make the best out of it for your sake.

  1. The reception location:

Well, it depends on who’s asking. Generally, you have to consider your guest while choosing a wedding venue if you want them to come out looking great in your wedding photos instead of stressed out. You may want to choose a wedding location that’s close to a guest house so your guest can lodge in there before time.

Make sure your venue is easy to find, and that it has space enough for parking. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure you have backup plans in the event of an unexpected weather condition.

Wedding Photography Yorkshire: The Secret to Your Most Unforgettable Wedding Pictures

wedding photography YorkshireMany of us remember our wedding day as fresh as if it happened yesterday. We still remember the smell of the dinner served that night, the beating of our heart as the vow was said and the simple bliss we had. We booked for a wedding photography Yorkshire service to help us capture the moment of that day because we don’t just want to remember them; we want to be able to see and relive those moments.

Many of us remember that day, but many do for a different reason. They did get some wedding pictures taken, it’s just that those pictures aren’t the kind that you will look back happily with. Those are pictures that remind you of how disappointed you are and if only you had hired a better person for the job.

We don’t want you to go through this.

Stay away from these photographers

As more and more people are providing wedding photography services, we are often confused with how one can differ from others that much. They do have different styles, but they couldn’t be providing that different services from others. And then comes those people who seem to offer the same thing at half the average price in the market.

This is a big warning because there is always a catch for those who are willing to cut price. A wedding photographer spends more than just taking pictures on your wedding day; they invest especially a lot of time for you and in the equipment necessary for your wedding photography.

Set your budget

Most of us have our own budget neatly assigned to different aspects of the wedding. Not surprisingly, wedding photography service ranks 4th to 5th in most couple’s list of expenses, higher than the wedding dress, sometimes. When it comes to that, you want to make sure that you got your wedding photography Yorkshire service from a professional like Catherine Kerr.

Having a budget set will also help narrow down your choices.

Wedding rehearsal

Invite your wedding photographers to your rehearsal. A lot of benefits can be gained out of this, such as letting your photographer practice on the actual venue. You can also practice some shots and get a preview of those pictures.

Many photographers, nowadays, also offer extra services in taking pictures during the rehearsal. Surprisingly, these pictures look really good when included in the wedding album mainly because everyone looks much more relaxed. You will also enjoy this as the last moment before you are officially married!

Don’t try to control your photographer

Some couples think that it’s best for them to tell their photographer what exactly they need to do. Some decide to create a shotlist filled with 80 things they need to take pictures of. These are two ineffective ways that will get in the way of your photographer!

All those times looking for the right photographer and money spend on hiring them includes their knowledge of what they need to take pictures of and how to best do it. You are better off enjoying your party and let your photographer do what he’s best in. That will end up in better wedding pictures taken from your wedding photography Yorkshire service!

4 Kinds of Leeds Wedding Photographer to Avoid

Leeds wedding photographerEvery Leeds wedding photographer is different in terms of style, editing method, perspective, etc. that results in different wedding pictures even if they are shooting the same person in the same place. However, there is 4 kinds of photographers that you certainly need to avoid. That is if you don’t want to cry over the pictures of your wedding day.

1. The beginner kind

The first type of photographer you should avoid is the kind that has no experience in shooting for a wedding photography. It’s not that we shouldn’t give fledging buds experience, but it’s that you are risking a lot. A beginner knows theoretically what to do, but when shove comes to push, he could panic with you and the day will end up in a disaster.

The responsibility is huge and you need a photographer who has at least enough experiences becoming an assistant to a professional photographer or a second shooter. That means at least he’s used to observing a professional on the job.

2.    The cheap kind

How many photographers are willing to shoot below the average price? A lot. These photographers might not even enjoy taking pictures at all. They simply look at this as a lucrative business to lure in thrifty couples. The experience changed from trying to save up for their future to ruining one of the most important things in a married life.

People rarely consider something as important until they lose it (or ruin it). Especially because they will not go and hire another photographer to get the pictures again.

3.    The amazing-on-portfolios type

This is generally almost every wedding photographer and is more to how you should judge your photographer. Everyone will only show their best works, but some are particularly bad and only try to show their decent/good ones. But we all must know that when it comes to our wedding album, your Leeds wedding photographer is pushed to show everything, even if they are bad because it’s the only one.

But, hey, don’t worry too much, because we’ve got the guy who doesn’t just show-off on her portfolios and then ruins your wedding album. That person is from Kirsty Mattson Photography.

4.    The overconfident kind

And then, there are photographers who tend to think that they know too much to engage in a conversation with their clients for too long. In other words, overconfident wedding photographers. These people don’t think that your wedding is going to be that much different from others. You pay them, they shoot for you and then sends you the finished product in 4-6 months. End of story.

Sounds pretty smooth, except that they might even miss out your requests! This kind of photographer don’t listen much and won’t come to your wedding rehearsal to help you and himself. This confidence won’t just ruin himself, but your wedding pictures as well in the process because it feels like he’s shooting for himself, not for you.

Note these 4 types of photographers while you look for potential candidates. These photographers can make you feel uncomfortable, disappointed and are not worth your time and effort to look, pay and work with. Find a Leeds wedding photographer that doesn’t fall under any of the category.

As a Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer, You Should Invest in a Website

Lincolnshire wedding photographerFor a business, the presence or absence thereof of customers has a major effect on its growth and profitability. That is why the slogan “customer is king” is often used to describe how businesses should interact with their client base. No business wants to go under because of the fact that their monthly expenses was far higher than the income being brought in.

So, as a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, how can you ensure that your revenue keeps growing? One method is by drawing in new customers. Weddings for some couples is a once in a lifetime thing but this does not mean by word of mouth, the couples won’t talk about our services with other friends. With the help of ads, you can also supplement the word of mouth and garner more exposure in your area.

The first step in using ads is utilizing the tool of a personal website. It is important that as a professional wedding photographer, you get yourself a website especially if photographers within the Lincolnshire area are being searched for. The following are other reasons why having a website is important:

  • It showcases your work

Do you expect potential customers to make the journey to your studio or set an appointment with you before they can see your work? Nobody has time for that nowadays especially if the appointment ends up being a disappointing showing of lackluster work. As a photographer also, you do not want to waste your time with clients who at the end of the day may not hire you.

So, the convenience of a website is actually a win-win scenario for the parties involved. The customer goes to your website directly to check out works you have done. If they like what they see, they contact you directly for further discussions on how they can hire you. The website also allows you to continually update your portfolio to showcase more recent works.

  • It makes you visible

When talking about visibility, we mean both on the web and in your local area. Imagine if customers go on the web to perform a search for a Lincolnshire wedding photographer but you lack a website to show your work or contact information, who do you think will be the losing party? You of course.

Not only do you miss the chance to make a new connection, the revenue you could have generated for your business is also lost. With SEO techniques, your site can easily rank high on Google’s search listings when individuals are looking for wedding photography services in your area and this can mean an increase in business.

  • Helps interact with customers

Most customers need a platform by which they can interact with their service providers but unfortunately not al service providers are on the bandwagon of having a website. This is where you can differentiate yourself from the rest by having a” Contact Us” page on the Lincolnshire wedding photographer website. An example can be seen on It can contains your mail, phone number and address thereby making for a good customer service experience for the customer and communication easier for the parties involved.

Why You Need A Professional Baby Photographer

baby photoshootSo, are you parents trying to take some decent baby pictures on your own? We know how the urge to do it is just huge when your baby is in his cutest and active state. He just looks at everything curiously, making various expressions at times.

However, there is a reason why we think that hiring a pro for a baby photoshoot is a better choice. Check it out.


The quality of the camera that professional baby photographers use cannot be compared to cameras on smartphones. They are better in everything from the right mode to use in different situations to the quality of the pictures captured. They are optimized for taking pictures and you can use different lenses depending on your needs and preferences.

A photographer will have to invest a lot to buy not just the camera, but also other equipment from lenses, lighting equipment to props. Those are meant to provide a lot of varieties to choose from and just in case that there are some that won’t work with the baby.

Natural lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in any photography, especially for baby photography. What kind of light you use can really make a difference in the results because natural light cannot be replicated. Natural light is also the best choice in this kind of situations because artificial lighting can be uncomfortable for the babies, besides being the second best.

A professional baby photographer will have observed the location if it is not in the studio. He knows which rooms have the best lighting and which not to use because it won’t appear nice. The photographer’s studio, on the other hand, is designed to allow lots of natural light in. You can check out some results of the baby photoshoot by


The skill of a photographer cannot be easily gained. One needs to be used to working with a camera to know which angle will make the pictures look good. It is not as simple as getting a good camera for the job. You have to know how to pose the baby, where to take the pictures from, how to get the right background and also the light to shine, etc.

The next skill is the editing skill. While, yes, your photographer will make sure that the raw results look excellent, editing will make sure that unwanted flaws can be erased. The pictures will still look natural and you can see as if your baby glows with her cheery face!

There is also the posing skill because babies are just so active. You tell them to sit, they start laughing and crawling at you. You tell them to crawl, they stop at their track, looking confused. It’s all about timing and all taking impromptu moments. A professional photographer always expects this in a baby photoshoot and it’s up to his skills to make sure the picture looks good.

As you can see, it’s best that you get a professional to do the job. We definitely are not telling you not to take baby pictures with your phone, but giving a professional a chance will not be regrettable!

This is Better Than Becoming the Best Wedding Photographer

In various fields of study and business, businessmen aim to become the best. They want people to look at them as the best choice among their competitors. It’s a way to create loyalty in people if you can prove that you are the best. That is ideal.

But in capturing and producing wedding photograph Andover, as well as in many others, being the ‘best’ is subjective. In fact, none of us can be the best compared to others.

Art is subjective

In the world of art, no color composition is the best. You cannot say red is better than blue or that pictures with a thousand colors are better than grayscales. Even if you have the best gears to capture those pictures, you cannot confidently say that you’ve captured the best pictures with it.

That’s true. The opinion lies on the onlookers; some will call those pictures masterpieces while others will look at them with zero interest. In wedding photography, it is simpler and the only viewers you need to care are the couple. Rather than aiming at becoming the best, there is a better way to appeal to people.

Be someone they want

Before this new era, people used to believe that you just need to excel in what you do. If you want to become a photographer, you have to become someone who captures everything without missing a thing and be bold in capturing them. These days, though, people focus on what clients want. What does your photography clients wish to see in their wedding pictures?

We don’t know, but there is always a way to know and that is true consultation. Listen and ask questions about the wedding photography. Get to know their taste and maybe show some references they like such as a wedding photograph Andover by

Once you know what they want and how their wedding will proceed, it’ll be easy for you to go and shoot what they love.

Focus on what you can do

Being the best wedding photographer can also identic to being able to execute various wedding photography styles. We know how some photographers decided to offer service in various styles because they are unable to pinpoint what they are good at. But you cannot become better if you cannot figure out yourself!

Once you know your ultimate style, you will be able to talk to your clients and market your service with confidence. You can also train to specifically improve your photography skills in that style. For example, reportage photography can do well in capturing daily lives of people and how they can tell the story out of it. Fine art photographers will love to find various unique angles and perspectives on things.

There are various ways to create a unique wedding photograph Andover.

Be a friendly photographer

The last, but not least quality that you can cultivate is to become a friendly photographer. Many couples grow worried and nervous as their wedding date closes in. You can become their confidante by attending their rehearsals, practice with them and build their trust in you. You’ve been to more weddings than them, so it’s a given that they’ll unconsciously rely on your advice as well.

5 Ridiculous Things You’ll Face as a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer HampshireYour determination to become a wedding photographer Hampshire could be strong. But we’ll see if you still think that becoming a wedding photographer is easy!

Don’t take it wrong; this post’s purpose is to be as informative as possible about the job of a wedding photographer. You never know what will happen, but after this, you can at least try to prepare for it.

Misguided clients

The first group of people is those who did their homework and research on wedding photography. That’s good news, really, because it means they know a thing or two about wedding photographers. They’ll also be able to immediately ask more about your service rather than asking the basic information of them.

But among them, there are some who are too trustful. Because of that, they believe the ridiculous advice and suggestions that are spread across the Internet by so-called ‘experts’. You might be shoved with a list of detailed things to take pictures on. Or you might even be lectured on how your camera settings should be!

Over-enthusiastic guests

It’s common to find the guests of the wedding party you work on to take out their phones to snap some pictures. They also think that this is a beautiful moment to capture that it’ll be a shame if they don’t have their own copy of it. Some of them just want something to upload to their story,

The most uncomfortable part of this is that they can be merciless about how they take the pictures. Some can be more enthusiastic than an actual wedding photographer Hampshire like Others can be pretty oblivious to the people around them as they are too focused on their phone to take the pictures. They are actually standing in front of your view.

Very long group session

Group pictures are important as it’s a way to show respect to those who attended and also to create a memory together. Yet, this is a very hard session to finish quickly. Too many variables play at hand when a group of people who know each other and celebrating a happy occasion is placed together.

It’s not that congratulating the couple or handing them gifts is a bad thing, but the timing that they use can be annoying. Because of this, the time that you planned to use on group session can be extended by minutes and even hours! Unless someone stops that auntie from shaking the hands of everyone that came, it’s not going to end.

Nervous client

A client that is nervous about his wedding is normal. But a client that sweats and cannot stop worrying about it and keeps coming over to ask you about the pictures are beyond normal. It’s not easy to stay focused on your clients if he’s constantly looking back at you and wiping his forehead with sweat.

Trying to calm them down can be pretty impossible. It’s not a problem that can easily be dismissed of and you’re not one with the right skills to do it. All you can do is do your best and pay extra attention to capture the pictures when you have the chance. A wedding photographer Hampshire should never shy off from any challenges in wedding photography.

4 Qualities Your Wedding Photographer Must Possess

Barnsley wedding photographerAs you go through the long list of photographers available, it might hit you that it’s impossible to decide who’s the best just by going with your guts. There has to be a guideline to follow somewhere; an expert that can help you screen only potential candidates that can work with you.

And you’ve luckily arrived at the right place. These are the qualities that your Barnsleywedding photographer must possess above everything else to make sure your wedding pictures perfect.

The humility to ask

Some professionals can appear very confident to the point that they are haughty about their skills. The truth is that no matter how great you are, there are always certain things you can never know without asking. Becoming a true professional should help them understand this fact.

You want your photographer to also show eagerness and genuine enthusiasm for your work. That means he needs to appear engaging and also ask questions regarding your party. They can be asking about your preference or the kind of party you’re holding.

The confidence to work

The next thing is the confidence. That’s right, humility scores first above all as it means they are not too confident that they’ll let themselves be laxed during the job. However, they also need to be sure with what they’re doing. You cannot be trusting your job to someone that isn’t completely confident in his skill as a photographer.

A Barnsley wedding photographer that we’ve seen with a true balance between humility and confidence is from You can begin your search on a wedding photographer from here. Meeting them in person will help you understand why.

Aside from that, this confidence will also help you secure your trust in their skills. It’ll also help you calm down during your wedding if you’re nervous for your once in a lifetime event.

The readiness to work

Your photographer should be able to do his own preparation. If anything, attending the rehearsal is one way to show that they are. This is a chance to allow them to visit and practice at the venue with their clients directly. If they want to get the best setting for their camera, this is their chance.

Additionally, you can secure an engagement session with them and see how the photographer fares. If he’s prepared, he won’t have problem going through his equipment. He also won’t spend too much time with his camera settings. He’ll also be able to brief you with the poses you will be doing and direct you with where and how you should move.

A prepared photographer has a better chance when the situations turn to the worse. Ugly weather conditions and unfortunate incidents (such as the camera going errors) won’t be too much of a hindrance.

The capability to improvise

It’s also important that the photographer isn’t stuck to the itinerary and initial planning. A lot of things can cause the situation to stray away from your plan. When that happens, you need a Barnsleywedding photographer that has to capability to still shoot perfectly under such condition.

This is an important quality because you can never make sure that the future is going to 100% go according to your plan. You need people that can help you out even when it doesn’t go fully as planned.