What is Web Hosting and When You Need It

wordpress hostingWordPress is a powerful platform and a powerful tool for any businessmen who aim to reach people in the fastest and cheapest way. Building websites for photographers have never been easy for many reasons, from knowledge to maintainance. Yet, with the advance of technology and creativity from IT experts, it became easier for people of little understanding to operate their own websites.

If so is true, then why is web hosting service necessary? How do websites for photographers become better and how do photographers, our particular subject today, can benefit?

Web Hosting

Imagine you and your partner is holding a wedding party and you have so much to take care of, from choosing the place, deciding on the decoration, cake, food and beverages, to souvenirs and invitation cards. How will you feel if you have to host your own party? Tiring isn’t it? As the main characters of the event, you have the obligation to serve your guests and prepare everything and it would be very relieving if you had appointed someone else as the Master of Ceremony.

This is the idea of web hosting. When you’ve come up with the name for your WordPress page, you might have prepared the pictures that you want to feature and other business related activities such as procuring a site for studio, making appointments, meeting clients, editing pictures, printing albums and obviously, taking pictures. Internet is a powerful place to market yourself, yet, there’s a lot to do once your site is really marketed widely and managing alone can be overwhelming. That is why many people and businesses opt to find a web hosting service provider, so the expert can help you do what they are paid for and you can do what you are best at, photography.

Private Domain Name

In other words, no extension of .wordpress, only your domain name. So, if you name your site as myphotographysite.wordpress.com, using web hosting service will give you myphotographysite.com. If anything people notice, it looks professional for one.


Your site can face many problems, from downtime, slow loading speed, increased traffic and even the newest update of your theme can cause this. Web hosting is 24/7 watching and maintain your site ease of access and particularly for websites for photographers are to keep the site loads fast while maintain pictures quality.


Hacking, malware, virus are all problems that circulate the Internet all the time. Part of web hosting job is to keep the site safe from such attacks.


It is not a hard thing to do, but can be a tedious thing to do. But, making the mistake of not backing up can be very fatal, resulting in the lost of pictures, designs, testimonials, customers contact information and so much more. Many web hosting services back up your site on a daily basis.

When You Should Use Web Hosting

There are various reasons why photographers start making their on site. Some can be beginners and are trying to start up by making their own sites. Others can be successful in real life and aim to bring themselves closer to their customer by providing online means of browsing their products and pictures.

Time: this is the strongest factor that you should consider when making the decision to get a web hosting service or not. Are you running out of time trying to finish editing and printing that client’s order or are you still able to manage just fine? The moment that your customer’s influx is getting higher, consider getting a web hosting service, so you can bring yourself more focused into your job and clients.