Rainy Day Shouldn’t Scare You Photographers

wedding photographers KentRainy wedding photography isn’t a favorite thing for many photographers. Yet, sooner or later you will be faced with this condition. You’ll end up having to deal with dark clouds or even rainy condition when working with one of your clients. Rather than figuring out what to do then, it’s best that you prepare now what you can do.

Check out how to do rainy wedding photography like professional wedding photographers Kent.

Practice anytime

Whenever it’s raining, know that this is your chance to practice your rainy photography. Whenever you have the chance, try to see the gems under the rain. What is the beauty that cannot be revealed if not under the rain? Rain itself vibes a romantic feeling; two people sharing a single umbrella, a guy shielding his girl with his suit, a teenage couple running under the rain with crazy giggles, etc.

There are so many things that can only be seen if it rains. This makes this very moment a rare one for your couples. So, instead of thinking that it’s going to be another bad day, tell your client that they’re going to get unique wedding pictures that are more special than usual.

One of the best wedding photographers Kent mention that it’s not easy, but if you can find yourself a different way of viewing rain, it’ll be different. That’s what www.pennyyoungphotography.com believes.

Waltz under the rain

One thing you can do is to waltz under the rain. That’s right, have the couple do the finishing move of a dance and shoot one of that. It’s best to have this picture done in a wide field or at a gazebo. Think of the rain as an additional backdrop to the view.

Another kind of waltz you can have is the couple holding each other and simply stare into each other’s eyes, suck deep in each other’s mesmerizing beauty.

Use umbrella

Umbrella is also another obvious prop you can make use of the weather like this. Get a lot of different umbrellas to use for your photography. You never know when you’ll have to do another wedding photography and using the same prop is going to make it look similar.

Change the feel with a different umbrella and pose each time. Don’t rely on just one or two methods because it’ll definitely bear resemblance to the other rainy pictures you took.

You can still do lots of normal poses under the rain. But, this time, however, you need to be quick and make sure that you can get the shot in one try with the rain pouring.

Release your inner child

We’re all kids in the heart. Let the couple return to the moment when they didn’t bother if they had to step into the damp ground and run under the rain. This is possible if the rain is still light. It’ll be a very rare shoot as not that many couples get to shoot under the rain, doing such fun things together.

Leaving something memorable from their wedding day is also one of your jobs. Imagine the rain as something that will help wedding photographers Kent to achieve just that.

4 Important Steps to Be Professional

Becoming a professional is the aim of many wedding photographers Jacksonville FL. It’s not an easy feat, definitely, or it won’t be something special. If you’re a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL aiming to become a photographer, this is the right place.

Follow the 4 steps and you’re definitely on the right road to be a professional.

Set standard from the beginning

It’s important that you set a professional standard from the start. For example, you wouldn’t try to take up too many jobs at once because it’ll distract you a lot. This is because the image is formed starting from the very first customer you have. Strengthening that image isn’t easy as it requires constant care of work quality.

This may also mean that you need to price your service high from the beginning. Important to note here that you shouldn’t aim too high, but also not sell yourself too low. You want people to think of you as a decent photographer, not someone desperate for a client. This will become a great base for you to set up a professional photography business.

Focus on doing your best

Remember to not try to do as many weddings, but as best as you can even if you only have one job. Providing a good result will encourage them to promote you through posting pictures and talking about your service to others. As you cultivate the habit, it’ll eventually become how you work. It’ll be easier to stay true to your standard.

This is what keeps a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL from www.sarahheddenphotography.com going. Keeping a high standard for your every client isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

Check and have reliable equipment

Your equipment is your lifeline. Without them, you cannot do anything and worth nothing. So, always make sure your equipment is well-cared for and ready to roll for the event. They have to gear that you are used to working with and comfortable with.

It’s also a good idea to keep yourself updated on the latest camera, lens, or other equipment. It’s not a mandatory thing to always get the newest thing, but it’s always a good thing to do so. As long as you can get yourself used to them, you’re ready to go.

Remember: always have a backup plan. If your main camera doesn’t work, what will you do? Is there another camera you can rely on? There better be one, or you’re done for. Batteries and memory cards should also be stocked up.

Stay updated on the latest trend

What’s the latest trend with wedding pictures? Find yourself a way to stay updated with the latest trend. If possible, you can create a new trend or style yourself. Make yourself unique and distinct from others. If you can offer something that no other does, you can reason the price that you set and people will still be okay with it.

Becoming a professional is a long journey that never ends. One can never stop at a certain part and says that he’s professional enough. As a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL, it’s important you keep finding ways to capture pictures that truly stand the test of time.

Create More Meaningful Newborn Memories

newborn photography LondonThe arrival of the little sure brings a lot of emotions to the family and especially, the parents. Joy, tears, and worries all mixed into one as you stare into the face of your little one. There was only one significant emotion in them all and that was love.

Creating meaningful memories of this very moment is important. No one wants to forget, and we know some actually do, the moment they see their little one. The promises you made you’d do for that small life, the things you wanted to do together, the happiness you want that baby to have; this is just the beginning. And newborn photography London will serve as the witness of the beginning of them all.

Newborn moment is not forever

Newborn phase is a very short moment. It’s a phase where the baby is still building his antibody by consuming breastmilk and sleep most of the time. You often see babies curling up and made into a sort of a rugby ball by rolling them in blankets. It’s to keep them warm and also because they’re used to curl up like how they did in the womb.

This cute moment lasts very short and surely, you don’t want to miss them. Even with smartphones camera, it’s just not enough. Let the professionals work and provide you with crystal clear quality newborn pictures and even print them out for you.

Professionals can handle them

Some parents are probably super worried about handing out their newborn babies to photographers. In actuality, that’s not the case! You’ll be in the studio and in fact, will be involved during the whole process if you wish to. Check out newborn photography London process by www.stephenbrucephotography.co.uk and the amazingly cute results!

These people have been trained and understand the right way to carry and pose your baby. They might even know more than you do! Newborn photographers will pose your baby in a way that doesn’t bring danger to its health. They will also have you or an assistant to help to ensure the safety of the set. They are still fragile, after all.

Share with your little one

When he/she grows up, it’s always a lovely time to share their own newborn pictures with them. Not just them, their other siblings and your parents would love to keep several pictures of their grandchildren. It’s a very life-changing moment right there and it’s always a great place to start telling the childhood stories of them when they hadn’t gained their full awareness, yet.

You won’t regret it

We never want to regret the moments that we miss. As much as possible, we want to keep the memories and that is why camera becomes a very beloved tool that we still use until today. The power to take still pictures of things and the moment is just amazing.

That’s exactly the case with your newborn photography London and your baby. He’s going to face so many changes and will grow into an amazing person in the society. This is the very beginning of it and by then, you wouldn’t regret having taken all these newborn pictures. Not even a million dollars can ever bring back this moment for a second.

Brides Must Read This!

wedding photography LancashireA new journey is just ahead. With the guy that finally asked you to be his forever housemate, everything seems beautiful these days and you can’t get enough of the ecstatic. You’re even smiling by yourself from time to time.

But your wedding party is not going to be ready by itself. Someone gotta plan and set everything up! We want to help all of you happy birdies with tips to help you get on and make sure that your wedding is going to be a big success!

1. Start planning

Obviously, you need to start planning. But this very obvious step is the bane of many couples who never ended up getting married! (What?!)

Yes, it’s important that the both of you sit down and discuss this. The most important thing is to decide priorities that both of you can agree on. Is it the venue? Do you want a destination wedding? Is there a certain season that means a lot to you? Set a date for when your wedding will happen. It’s okay if it’s 4 years or 5 years to come because there are things you need to or a certain budget to reach; as long as the both of you are committed to it.

2. Research

Research about everything; the place, the flowers, the dress, the decoration, Lancashire wedding photography, or even theme. There are many dedicated sites to help couples who are about to get married. Doing your best in finding out about these things matters a lot because it’s going to be your only wedding forever.  Check out http://www.nicholamortonblog.com/ because she has some of the best references on wedding parties and ceremonies you can look! She also provides Lancashire wedding photography.

Another thing you need to do when doing your research is to make sure that they are possible to be done on your wedding. What I mean is that some flowers may not be available is some season, or some countries may be too hot for that dress code.

3. Look for help!

You cannot do everything on your own. You can’t do everything with only the both of you, too! Before you know it, you’ll be losing weeks of sleep just trying to pack all the souvenirs for your wedding. This will then affect how you’ll look on your wedding. It might even affect how you’ll look

You might not know it, but your parents, friends, and other family members are always happy to help you. These are people who wish you happiness and congratulate you for your wedding, they will absolutely be happy to help you with whatever they can.

4. Pamper yourself

I just said that there a lot of things to do to prepare your weddings, but now I’m telling you to pamper yourself? That’s right, girl, you need to chill.

Remember that a wedding party is a happy day to celebrate with the people you love. It’s important that you’re also enjoying yourself, not stressing out and feeling pressured to make sure everything’s right. Give yourself a day-off just a few days before the wedding to go to the spa, swimming, or do something that you find very relaxing.

Going for a Full Children Documentation? Types of Photography to Take

baby photographyCollecting pictures to be included in the album and documentation of your child is an activity that many parents love to do. It’s something that they can continue to collect and hopefully pass down to their child later on.

These days, lots of photographers are providing a wide variety of baby photography sessions. Depending on the milestones that you want to commemorate, those photographers have a lot of packages to choose from. Like what you can see at https://suekennedy.co.uk/, there are a lot of packages you can take.

Maternity Session

This is typically a short 30-minute session where mothers with bumps will have their pictures taken. Usually, husbands are also included in the frame. Clothes tend to reveal the bump and is very loose. It gives off a very magical feeling and surely brings back memories whenever you look back at this picture.

Newborn Session

A longer session of up to 3 or 4 hours depending on how the baby is able to sleep and stay calm. You will always have to book early for this one because newborn pictures are some of the most hunted and wanted. What makes it even more precious is that babies don’t stay newborn longer than 14 days!

Baby Photography Session

As for this one, there’s a lot of poses to choose from and these are usually the main reasons parents book for one. Maybe they’ve just learned to stand or walk on their own. This makes the session a whole lot memorable!

Or maybe there’s a particular theme that you want to do. Probably swimming, dinosaur, or astronaut for aspiring babies. Those are just some ideas that will make baby photography session very enjoyable and worth it!

Cake Smash

Literally, cake smashing session for babies. She is finally turning one! Cake smash session involves a baby, a cake, and a lot of mess! They’ll be expected to hurl the cake or simply adore it. Whichever their reaction will be, don’t be too worried about it. And session will usually end with the baby taking baths and cleaning up.

What’s a better way to keep a memory of your child’s first birthday?

Child Photography

They’ve grown up. Now they are talking a lot and showing so many expressions. They’re going to school and becoming students. They’ve grown up; a bit. So, take this chance to book for another session and simply take pictures of them playing on the field and being themselves.

The great thing about hiring a professional photographer to do this is that they are able to capture those sparkles and adorable eyes. They know the trick to capture the light and put them into pictures.

Teenage Photography

Finally, the last phase of their eventful childhood moments. This will be the mark that they are growing up into adults. They begin to express their differences and showing features that define ‘them’. Let it be outdoor or studio, you definitely want to have proper pictures of your children in a place that they like, doing what they love.

If they have hobbies, such as horse riding, ballet, or painting, this is a great opportunity to take proper professional shots of them enjoying their time.

What is Web Hosting and When You Need It

wordpress hostingWordPress is a powerful platform and a powerful tool for any businessmen who aim to reach people in the fastest and cheapest way. Building websites for photographers have never been easy for many reasons, from knowledge to maintainance. Yet, with the advance of technology and creativity from IT experts, it became easier for people of little understanding to operate their own websites.

If so is true, then why is web hosting service necessary? How do websites for photographers become better and how do photographers, our particular subject today, can benefit?

Web Hosting

Imagine you and your partner is holding a wedding party and you have so much to take care of, from choosing the place, deciding on the decoration, cake, food and beverages, to souvenirs and invitation cards. How will you feel if you have to host your own party? Tiring isn’t it? As the main characters of the event, you have the obligation to serve your guests and prepare everything and it would be very relieving if you had appointed someone else as the Master of Ceremony.

This is the idea of web hosting. When you’ve come up with the name for your WordPress page, you might have prepared the pictures that you want to feature and other business related activities such as procuring a site for studio, making appointments, meeting clients, editing pictures, printing albums and obviously, taking pictures. Internet is a powerful place to market yourself, yet, there’s a lot to do once your site is really marketed widely and managing alone can be overwhelming. That is why many people and businesses opt to find a web hosting service provider, so the expert can help you do what they are paid for and you can do what you are best at, photography.

Private Domain Name

In other words, no extension of .wordpress, only your domain name. So, if you name your site as myphotographysite.wordpress.com, using web hosting service will give you myphotographysite.com. If anything people notice, it looks professional for one.


Your site can face many problems, from downtime, slow loading speed, increased traffic and even the newest update of your theme can cause this. Web hosting is 24/7 watching and maintain your site ease of access and particularly for websites for photographers are to keep the site loads fast while maintain pictures quality.


Hacking, malware, virus are all problems that circulate the Internet all the time. Part of web hosting job is to keep the site safe from such attacks.


It is not a hard thing to do, but can be a tedious thing to do. But, making the mistake of not backing up can be very fatal, resulting in the lost of pictures, designs, testimonials, customers contact information and so much more. Many web hosting services back up your site on a daily basis.

When You Should Use Web Hosting

There are various reasons why photographers start making their on site. Some can be beginners and are trying to start up by making their own sites. Others can be successful in real life and aim to bring themselves closer to their customer by providing online means of browsing their products and pictures.

Time: this is the strongest factor that you should consider when making the decision to get a web hosting service or not. Are you running out of time trying to finish editing and printing that client’s order or are you still able to manage just fine? The moment that your customer’s influx is getting higher, consider getting a web hosting service, so you can bring yourself more focused into your job and clients.

How To Plan Your Event Like A True Expert

Brainstorm for the concept.

event photography An event is a really huge undertaking when you come to think about it. This isn’t something that you can just plan out in days. A particularly huge event can even take months and months of planning and thinking over and being creative and so on and so forth. There is so much for you to think about and pore over that it would be particularly difficult for you to tack that on at some point or so. Brainstorming is an essential element and process in every event that is being planned and when you are going through it, make it a point to really open up what the options are. Don’t brush any ideas off just yet.

Make sure that you understand that although not all of the ideas out there will be stand-up ones, that they should at least be given the time of the day enough for you to consider. So go ahead and get your team together and try to see what golden ideas you can pluck off at some point or so. Review how things are bound to look like from an event photography standpoint as well. The logistics and the visuals all need to be on point and they all need to be seamless. This is not an easy task to have to take on but if you work hard enough on the brainstorming session; it just might be well worth your while.

Think about the budget and the arrangements.

The budget is a particularly difficult hurdle for you to have to face head on and tackle early during the planning process of your event. You need to understand that events usually come at a high cost since they are more often than not focused on marketing and branding, if you are taking a look at it from a commercial perspective. And even if they happen to be private events, the expenses are still bound to double over if you aren’t careful with it so make sure that you are hawk eyed all throughout the time that you are considering the costs. There are also major professional services for you to have to pay for such as your event photography coverage and other needs.

Scout out the talents and the entertainment.

If you are bringing a band or a DJ in, try to really think about the kind of genre that they are offering and if it meshes well with the kind of theme that you are trying to pull off for the event so far. Be picky and hold the auditions seriously or at least take a close look at their demos. It also tends to pay off a lot if you make sure that those vendors are properly checked background wise and properly vetted by other clients that they have managed to work with in the past.

Get the best event photographer.

Event photography is a very important element to the success of an event. Check out SmartPicsUk.com Event Photography and other professionals of that calibre if you want to get the best of the best out of your photography service and coverage so far.

What is and What isn’t Reportage Wedding Photography

reportage wedding photographerReportage style, photojournalism, is as the other name implies, a journal or story told in form of entirely pictures. Multiple shots of an event assembled together to depict the storyline with its main and precious moments accurately shown. It is when you line them up, you can see, feel and even tell the flow of the story without a single word needed.

In wedding particularly, it has to be able to show the story of that wedding day, the events that led up to it and the emotions and feelings without losing them out.

Misconception of Reportage

You will frequently see people flashing black and white filter on pictures and calling those reportage. That’s a misconception that people have. Just because a photo is snapped in candid and is put in black and white concept, you call it reportage, when you don’t even know what kind of story it tells. It does not make you a reportage wedding photographer this way.

Reportage is not about black and white, candid, taking pictures from the side or the likes. These are all techniques that people use but they do not define reportage.

The moment of truth

What happens in a wedding? The bride and groom will do their make up first or not, and then they will drive their way to the wedding venue separately. Bridesmaids are ready and the bride gets ready in the dressing room by putting up make up and the wedding dress. Then before the guests arrive and the party starts, both will take some private pictures and a little walk around the wedding venue for more pictures. Afterwards it’s the start of the reception. They exchange vow, kissed and do the first dance. The party goes on till late at night and everybody went home.

This is what reportage should look like. In fact, it should even be able to capture the sentiments of the people during, for example, the private moment mom and dad had with their grown up kids are ready for marriage, the sad but happy parents during the vow exchange and so on. Reportage is about:

  • Recording the story
  • Untouched moments that last a lifetime
  • Honest
  • Genuine emotions

Some might say that it is apparently hard to do when the couple and guests are a bit of awkward and shy away from camera. If you are a professional reportage wedding photographer, then you will understand that this can easily be tackled if you build positive rapport with your clients. Casually, show genuine interest in them and tell how you want and wish to create a long-lasting wedding album for them. Social skills are something that many reportage wedding photographer thought as less important, when it can actually determine the quality of the pictures you will get when working.

It does comes with practice.

Sometimes, you are tempted to take aesthetic shots, but fail to see if that is something that brings out the most of the viewers even when looked back 10 years from now. But, if you constantly put in mind what kind of story you are seeing and how it fits into the frame, you will be able to get there and finally, create a wedding album that your clients find precious and still tell the same story after years.

How To Plan The Best Wedding Ever 

Keep the speeches concise.

wedding photographer DundeeWe all know how things like this go all but too well. An overly eager friend or family member gets the chance to have the microphone in hand and they end up dragging the speech on longer than the usual. This can make the moments during the reception of the wedding come off a little awkward and uncomfortable and you need to make sure that you are able to get something done about this one way or the other. You don’t want people hogging the microphone and the limelight to end up taking up far more time than they have to so far. You just need to know for sure that you need to keep in check one way or the other. Talk to them ahead of time. Let them know that they have a limit with their time on the microphone. Keep them in check as much as possible by making sure that you get someone to coordinate the timing of these speeches. Have someone signal the last 30 seconds or so of their allotted time so that they will be able to wrap things up accordingly and so that they don’t end up cutting things off cold turkey while they are at it. Keep it interesting for your guests as well as for the wedding photographer Dundee that you are booking for the big day.

Request for songs you like. Weddings are meant to be emotional and the gift of music can help steer things towards the right direction during the big day and this is a good thing that you can capitalize off of by ensuring that you particularly handpick the songs and the type of music that are to be played out so far. Talk to your DJ as well as to the rest of all of your other musicians and professionals that you are hiring out for entertainment while you are at it. You need to make sure that you are particularly picky when it comes to the kind of music that you opt for during the day of the wedding, be it in the wedding ceremony all the way up to the wedding reception. This will also set the right mood for the wedding as well as for how your wedding photographer Dundee and other vendors go to work so far.

Phone charging stations.

This is the age of technology and an area in the wedding venue that you book out prepped with all of the right power outlets and chargers will prove to be something that your guests for the wedding will really be able to appreciate and put to good value so far. Although a wedding photographer Dundee shoots professional wedding photos of the event, it would still be nice for you to consider the photos that your guests for the wedding end up taking and you will not be able to do that on empty phones so far.

Bring in some games to play.

This will give your guests something to pass the time and something to hold their interests with during the day of the wedding so try to do what you can about it.

Themed Wedding Challenges

The guests not understanding the theme.

Asian wedding photographyIf you want to pull through with a particular theme for the wedding, make sure that you at least put up a simple description of it in the wedding invitations just so that your guests get to know all about it and how they will be able to follow through with that said theme one way or the other. If your guests don’t understand what type of theme you have been planning out for the wedding day so far, then it really is pretty much a moot cause and you don’t have much to run with in the first place. You ought to make it a point to get your guests to figure out what the theme is all about in the first place and how you will be able to incorporate it not just in the wedding décor but in the overall vibe for the event that you have been planning for so far. Be short and concise with your descriptions and make sure that although your explanations are thorough, that they accordingly capture the gist of what you are trying to go for so far. If you want an Asian themed wedding, the book someone out for Asian wedding photography, get them to understand what particular culture it is all about, and it is surely bound to be a whopping success at the end of the day.

The theme being confusing.

Once you pick a theme, make sure that you stick to it. Fusions aren’t really a thing unless they are something that you happen to know like the back of your hand so far. If you would like to make sure that this is something that is taken into account the right way when it all comes down to it, then you need to know right out that it needs to be both simple and conclusive. Too much of something can be a bad thing, no matter how good that might seem to be in the first place. The theme needs to tie in well with everything else that you are trying to accomplish for the main wedding day so far. Make sure as well that if you plan on an Asian themed wedding, that your Asian wedding photography professional knows all about it. You need to map everything out clearly as much as possible if you have any hopes of getting it to work in the first place.

The theme not being authentic.

Should you finally decide on a particular theme for the wedding, you need to make sure that you do everything that you possibly can to follow through with it and to make it authentic to the best of your abilities. Authenticity is something that you should value above all else or it might make your efforts for the wedding come off as a little half baked and ill executed.

Not hiring the right professionals for the job.

Going pro is the only way to go for as far as wedding services are concerned. They are investments that technically pay for themselves and this is what you ought to start paying attention to as much as possible.