Why You Need A Professional Baby Photographer

baby photoshootSo, are you parents trying to take some decent baby pictures on your own? We know how the urge to do it is just huge when your baby is in his cutest and active state. He just looks at everything curiously, making various expressions at times.

However, there is a reason why we think that hiring a pro for a baby photoshoot is a better choice. Check it out.


The quality of the camera that professional baby photographers use cannot be compared to cameras on smartphones. They are better in everything from the right mode to use in different situations to the quality of the pictures captured. They are optimized for taking pictures and you can use different lenses depending on your needs and preferences.

A photographer will have to invest a lot to buy not just the camera, but also other equipment from lenses, lighting equipment to props. Those are meant to provide a lot of varieties to choose from and just in case that there are some that won’t work with the baby.

Natural lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in any photography, especially for baby photography. What kind of light you use can really make a difference in the results because natural light cannot be replicated. Natural light is also the best choice in this kind of situations because artificial lighting can be uncomfortable for the babies, besides being the second best.

A professional baby photographer will have observed the location if it is not in the studio. He knows which rooms have the best lighting and which not to use because it won’t appear nice. The photographer’s studio, on the other hand, is designed to allow lots of natural light in. You can check out some results of the baby photoshoot by www.stephenbrucephotography.co.uk.


The skill of a photographer cannot be easily gained. One needs to be used to working with a camera to know which angle will make the pictures look good. It is not as simple as getting a good camera for the job. You have to know how to pose the baby, where to take the pictures from, how to get the right background and also the light to shine, etc.

The next skill is the editing skill. While, yes, your photographer will make sure that the raw results look excellent, editing will make sure that unwanted flaws can be erased. The pictures will still look natural and you can see as if your baby glows with her cheery face!

There is also the posing skill because babies are just so active. You tell them to sit, they start laughing and crawling at you. You tell them to crawl, they stop at their track, looking confused. It’s all about timing and all taking impromptu moments. A professional photographer always expects this in a baby photoshoot and it’s up to his skills to make sure the picture looks good.

As you can see, it’s best that you get a professional to do the job. We definitely are not telling you not to take baby pictures with your phone, but giving a professional a chance will not be regrettable!

Going for a Full Children Documentation? Types of Photography to Take

baby photographyCollecting pictures to be included in the album and documentation of your child is an activity that many parents love to do. It’s something that they can continue to collect and hopefully pass down to their child later on.

These days, lots of photographers are providing a wide variety of baby photography sessions. Depending on the milestones that you want to commemorate, those photographers have a lot of packages to choose from. Like what you can see at https://suekennedy.co.uk/, there are a lot of packages you can take.

Maternity Session

This is typically a short 30-minute session where mothers with bumps will have their pictures taken. Usually, husbands are also included in the frame. Clothes tend to reveal the bump and is very loose. It gives off a very magical feeling and surely brings back memories whenever you look back at this picture.

Newborn Session

A longer session of up to 3 or 4 hours depending on how the baby is able to sleep and stay calm. You will always have to book early for this one because newborn pictures are some of the most hunted and wanted. What makes it even more precious is that babies don’t stay newborn longer than 14 days!

Baby Photography Session

As for this one, there’s a lot of poses to choose from and these are usually the main reasons parents book for one. Maybe they’ve just learned to stand or walk on their own. This makes the session a whole lot memorable!

Or maybe there’s a particular theme that you want to do. Probably swimming, dinosaur, or astronaut for aspiring babies. Those are just some ideas that will make baby photography session very enjoyable and worth it!

Cake Smash

Literally, cake smashing session for babies. She is finally turning one! Cake smash session involves a baby, a cake, and a lot of mess! They’ll be expected to hurl the cake or simply adore it. Whichever their reaction will be, don’t be too worried about it. And session will usually end with the baby taking baths and cleaning up.

What’s a better way to keep a memory of your child’s first birthday?

Child Photography

They’ve grown up. Now they are talking a lot and showing so many expressions. They’re going to school and becoming students. They’ve grown up; a bit. So, take this chance to book for another session and simply take pictures of them playing on the field and being themselves.

The great thing about hiring a professional photographer to do this is that they are able to capture those sparkles and adorable eyes. They know the trick to capture the light and put them into pictures.

Teenage Photography

Finally, the last phase of their eventful childhood moments. This will be the mark that they are growing up into adults. They begin to express their differences and showing features that define ‘them’. Let it be outdoor or studio, you definitely want to have proper pictures of your children in a place that they like, doing what they love.

If they have hobbies, such as horse riding, ballet, or painting, this is a great opportunity to take proper professional shots of them enjoying their time.

Tips In Surviving Baby Photography

Photographing mommy’s little angel isn’t as easy it seems.

baby photographerExpect a lot of crying, fussing and tantrums when dealing with the adorable little munchkins and a camera. A baby photography session can be very taxing on the photographer, parent and baby. A lot of problems may surface when dealing with the delicate art of baby photography. Not to worry, it may be hard fight, but you’ll get that Instagram worthy picture of your favorite sweetheart on a beanie if you follow these survival tips. The most important tip you should follow in baby photography is to coordinate with everyone. Coordinate with photographer taking the shots and the subject of the shot, the baby.

Scheduling the shot when your baby is most willing to cooperate can save you a lot of time, money and energy.

Babies have their own schedules and it is imperative that you follow theirs rather than yours. If you baby is sleepy for a shoot, the best option would be to cancel or reschedule instead of forcing the child awake. Why? Chances are your baby will wake up with a frown on his face and a grumpy disposition that will not look good on camera. Say goodbye to that adorable one tooth smile and say hello to a tantrum.

The next tip in surviving baby photography is to be more prepared than a girl scout.

Have diapers, bottles, and that fluffy teddy bear that your child loves having around when going to a shoot. Prepare medication, baby snacks and a binky just in case your child decides to cry out a storm. Babies are very unpredictable and their moods can change drastically in minutes. If you plan for a baby photography session make sure you plan for every scenario that could happen. In the words of Henry from Abraham Lincoln, “Always have a contingency plan.” Once you have the done the proper precautionary, you can now focus on the shoot. A tip in surviving baby photography is to not overthink. You may be tempted to have your little tyke do amazing poses and have flashy costumes on for the shoot.

You may demand from you photograph to do photos like the ones you saw online.

You may have creative ideas that are over the top. Stop. Think simple for simplicity is beauty. Sure, it would be nice to have your child pose like the ones you see on your social media but be realistic. Don’t go for ideas that are clearly too unattainable. Always consider what is comfortable for your baby and not what would garner you a hundred likes on Facebook. Parents often forget that the subject in baby photography is well, a baby. They cannot be expected to do those high fashion poses.

If you have creative ideas which you want to try out.

Talk to your photographer and check if your child is up for it. Don’t go on asserting which you think would be best, always put your baby’s comfort first. If you do this and make sure your baby is happy, you’ll surely get that beautiful photograph of your baby. Check out baby photography at www.alanhutchison.co.uk.