6 Tips on Event Photography

event photography tipsEvents are highly stressful scenarios

It doesn’t matter what the overall theme is. There are general principles being followed in event photography and those 6 tips are what we will be sharing with you in hopes of helping you out if you are just starting out on your way towards this particular career path.

Your gear is the magical goose that lays the golden eggs; invest wisely in them

It is no big secret that event photography can be a really lucrative business. It comes with a necessary evil though in the fact that it also requires a huge amount of capital to be put in it first. You need to invest in high quality cameras that will really be able to deliver high resolution and high quality photos to your paying clients. You also need more than just one camera, for contingencies and the like.

Ask what the central theme is all about

You need to be able to wrap your head around what particular event exactly you will be covering. This will leave you better equipped and better able to prepare for what you need to do. It spells all the difference in the world because it varies greatly if you’re covering something big like a wedding or something fairly small scale like a going away party or something to that effect. Do not be afraid to ask all of the right questions, especially about topics that you think you have every right to know as the official expert in event photography who will be tasked for the coverage of the event.

Get a contract drawn up and get it reviewed by a legal attorney

You need to have your liabilities covered at all times. Get a contract drawn up and make sure that it is iron clad, all the loopholes are covered, all the grey areas ironed out. This will ensure that at some point, if something happens, you will be able to mitigate it or do enough damage control so that it will in no way hurt your career or your event photography business venture.

Make sure that you are able to really specify the different things you are including in your pricing

Learn where to draw the line. Be clear and concise when itemizing the services and number of hours that you include in a price quote. Do away with the flowery words because it may just bring in confusion which may eventually lead to dissatisfaction on the part of your clients. Put everything in black and white.

Dress appropriately and blend in with the rest of the people attending the event

One example would be, say, you being tasked to cover a costume party. You need to be able to blend in with the crowd and perhaps get dressed in a costume yourself. Remember, a great event photographer knows that stealth and a certain level of invisibility is his greatest bet in getting those authentic and natural photos of people attending the events.

Always prepare for the worse

Never be complacent. Pack enough extra batteries and memory cards that will last you an entire week, if needs be. There’s no harm in going absolutely overboard here.