5 Ridiculous Things You’ll Face as a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer HampshireYour determination to become a wedding photographer Hampshire could be strong. But we’ll see if you still think that becoming a wedding photographer is easy!

Don’t take it wrong; this post’s purpose is to be as informative as possible about the job of a wedding photographer. You never know what will happen, but after this, you can at least try to prepare for it.

Misguided clients

The first group of people is those who did their homework and research on wedding photography. That’s good news, really, because it means they know a thing or two about wedding photographers. They’ll also be able to immediately ask more about your service rather than asking the basic information of them.

But among them, there are some who are too trustful. Because of that, they believe the ridiculous advice and suggestions that are spread across the Internet by so-called ‘experts’. You might be shoved with a list of detailed things to take pictures on. Or you might even be lectured on how your camera settings should be!

Over-enthusiastic guests

It’s common to find the guests of the wedding party you work on to take out their phones to snap some pictures. They also think that this is a beautiful moment to capture that it’ll be a shame if they don’t have their own copy of it. Some of them just want something to upload to their story,

The most uncomfortable part of this is that they can be merciless about how they take the pictures. Some can be more enthusiastic than an actual wedding photographer Hampshire like www.martinbell-photography.co.uk. Others can be pretty oblivious to the people around them as they are too focused on their phone to take the pictures. They are actually standing in front of your view.

Very long group session

Group pictures are important as it’s a way to show respect to those who attended and also to create a memory together. Yet, this is a very hard session to finish quickly. Too many variables play at hand when a group of people who know each other and celebrating a happy occasion is placed together.

It’s not that congratulating the couple or handing them gifts is a bad thing, but the timing that they use can be annoying. Because of this, the time that you planned to use on group session can be extended by minutes and even hours! Unless someone stops that auntie from shaking the hands of everyone that came, it’s not going to end.

Nervous client

A client that is nervous about his wedding is normal. But a client that sweats and cannot stop worrying about it and keeps coming over to ask you about the pictures are beyond normal. It’s not easy to stay focused on your clients if he’s constantly looking back at you and wiping his forehead with sweat.

Trying to calm them down can be pretty impossible. It’s not a problem that can easily be dismissed of and you’re not one with the right skills to do it. All you can do is do your best and pay extra attention to capture the pictures when you have the chance. A wedding photographer Hampshire should never shy off from any challenges in wedding photography.