Brides Must Read This!

wedding photography LancashireA new journey is just ahead. With the guy that finally asked you to be his forever housemate, everything seems beautiful these days and you can’t get enough of the ecstatic. You’re even smiling by yourself from time to time.

But your wedding party is not going to be ready by itself. Someone gotta plan and set everything up! We want to help all of you happy birdies with tips to help you get on and make sure that your wedding is going to be a big success!

1. Start planning

Obviously, you need to start planning. But this very obvious step is the bane of many couples who never ended up getting married! (What?!)

Yes, it’s important that the both of you sit down and discuss this. The most important thing is to decide priorities that both of you can agree on. Is it the venue? Do you want a destination wedding? Is there a certain season that means a lot to you? Set a date for when your wedding will happen. It’s okay if it’s 4 years or 5 years to come because there are things you need to or a certain budget to reach; as long as the both of you are committed to it.

2. Research

Research about everything; the place, the flowers, the dress, the decoration, Lancashire wedding photography, or even theme. There are many dedicated sites to help couples who are about to get married. Doing your best in finding out about these things matters a lot because it’s going to be your only wedding forever.  Check out because she has some of the best references on wedding parties and ceremonies you can look! She also provides Lancashire wedding photography.

Another thing you need to do when doing your research is to make sure that they are possible to be done on your wedding. What I mean is that some flowers may not be available is some season, or some countries may be too hot for that dress code.

3. Look for help!

You cannot do everything on your own. You can’t do everything with only the both of you, too! Before you know it, you’ll be losing weeks of sleep just trying to pack all the souvenirs for your wedding. This will then affect how you’ll look on your wedding. It might even affect how you’ll look

You might not know it, but your parents, friends, and other family members are always happy to help you. These are people who wish you happiness and congratulate you for your wedding, they will absolutely be happy to help you with whatever they can.

4. Pamper yourself

I just said that there a lot of things to do to prepare your weddings, but now I’m telling you to pamper yourself? That’s right, girl, you need to chill.

Remember that a wedding party is a happy day to celebrate with the people you love. It’s important that you’re also enjoying yourself, not stressing out and feeling pressured to make sure everything’s right. Give yourself a day-off just a few days before the wedding to go to the spa, swimming, or do something that you find very relaxing.

Matter To Discuss With Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding photography has a lot of things in need of discussions.

lancashire wedding photographerYou should never rush planning your wedding photography. You must always meet up with Lancashire wedding photographer in order to iron out important details for the photography. This is the only way to avoid miscommunication and misinterpretations. Nothing discussing your plans thoroughly may lead to poor execution of these plans. Poor execution will yield you poor results. Bad wedding pictures are never an option. As such, clients must make time for their wedding photography and schedule a consultation meeting with their wedding photographers. In these meetings they must talk about issues and concerns which can greatly affect the wedding photography. Here are three import matters you should always discuss with your wedding photographer. Family photographer

The first is budget.

This is probably one part of the photography which you need to be completely serious about. You need to set a budget with your Lancashire wedding photographer for the wedding photography. Wedding photography is expensive. Just hiring a professional photographer alone is already enough to put a dent in one’s wallet. The photographer isn’t the only thing the couple will spend on. They have to think about costumes, props, and locations and transportation fees. They also have to commission make-up artist and florists for the wedding photography. In short, you need to make sure you can afford all the things you need for your wedding photography. Your wedding photographer can greatly aid you in budget setting since he has done this thousands of times in his line of work. Take the time to ask for his opinions and advice on this matter.

The second is photography style.

Wedding photography is very diverse with a lot of wedding photographers developing their own style. As a client, you need to know which style your wedding photographer is best at and which is his worst. This will allow you to know how to work with him. Since you know what style he is good at, you can make that as the general wedding photography style of your wedding. If you have a specific photography style in mind, you can echo it out with your photographer and ask if he can do the style for your wedding. For the more adventurous ones, you can create a new photography style with your wedding photographer. This will definitely make your wedding photos unique and original. Who knows you may the inspiration for a new wedding photography trend.

The last is the time-frame.

You need to set a permanent schedule for the wedding photography. Without a doubt, you and your Lancashire wedding photographer are very busy people. You have so many things to do and so little time to do them. However, you should always make room for your wedding photography. Crafting and discussing a schedule will help get everything done on time. It is a great way to iron out conflicts with your wedding photographer. It would be advisable if you have back up dates just in case an emergency happens and you have to cancel a certain schedule. Once you decide on a schedule, don’t change it unless it is an emergency. This is the best way to assure your wedding photography success.

Weddings in Lancashire: How To Make Sure You Get Great Wedding Cake Photos

Lancashire wedding photographerOne of the elements of a traditional wedding is the wedding cake and this also has a part to play in the list of wedding activities lined up for the day. As a result of this, the wedding cake is likely going to feature in a fair share of the wedding photographs. There are things that can be done by a wedding couple to ensure that they end up with the best cake and cake cutting photographs and this all starts from when they hire this Lancashire wedding photographer.

For the cake as an object of interest in wedding pictures, there are a lot of factors that will contribute to how well it is presented in the wedding photographs and this boils down to where the cake is placed, how it stands and the traditional steps involved in the wedding ceremony that will make the couple feel composed and relaxed during the actual cutting event.

The following steps should be followed so as to get the best experience and photographs:

  • The best photographs are those that are unhurried and when the couple are not conscious of the eyes of the camera on them. Therefore, it becomes important to slow down and make unhurried movements when tasked with the cutting of the cake. Yes your guests will be interested in what is going on and your wedding photographer will be all lined up to capture the shot and you might be doing your photographer a favour by taking your time to revel in the moment.
  • A wedding decoration faux-pas comes in the form of shoving the cake to a corner where it is almost hidden from the spotlight. You may find weddings where the cake is backed up on a wall thereby making it look like a secret that was meant to be hidden. For the best wedding cake photographs, it would be best to move the wedding cake away from a wall or any corner and instead centralise it or move it out to the open. The positioning is something that has to be discussed with the wedding planner or coordinator and when you hire this Lancashire wedding photographer ( the positioning is also something that you can discuss.
  • Whether you face the crowd or back the crowd at your wedding is also something decided by the positioning of the wedding cake. You definitely do not want to be backing the crowd so you need to make sure that the cake is turned towards the crowd. Also, the front of the cake should be made to face out so that it can have prominence in the pictures.
  • One thing you do not want to do is hurriedly take pictures so try to gaze at your wedding cake in wonder and perhaps mimic the style of the topper on the cake if any. Moves like this make for camera worthy moments that you get to laugh about after your wedding. After this, you can move on to the actual cake cutting and feeding of your partner.