4 Kinds of Leeds Wedding Photographer to Avoid

Leeds wedding photographerEvery Leeds wedding photographer is different in terms of style, editing method, perspective, etc. that results in different wedding pictures even if they are shooting the same person in the same place. However, there is 4 kinds of photographers that you certainly need to avoid. That is if you don’t want to cry over the pictures of your wedding day.

1. The beginner kind

The first type of photographer you should avoid is the kind that has no experience in shooting for a wedding photography. It’s not that we shouldn’t give fledging buds experience, but it’s that you are risking a lot. A beginner knows theoretically what to do, but when shove comes to push, he could panic with you and the day will end up in a disaster.

The responsibility is huge and you need a photographer who has at least enough experiences becoming an assistant to a professional photographer or a second shooter. That means at least he’s used to observing a professional on the job.

2.    The cheap kind

How many photographers are willing to shoot below the average price? A lot. These photographers might not even enjoy taking pictures at all. They simply look at this as a lucrative business to lure in thrifty couples. The experience changed from trying to save up for their future to ruining one of the most important things in a married life.

People rarely consider something as important until they lose it (or ruin it). Especially because they will not go and hire another photographer to get the pictures again.

3.    The amazing-on-portfolios type

This is generally almost every wedding photographer and is more to how you should judge your photographer. Everyone will only show their best works, but some are particularly bad and only try to show their decent/good ones. But we all must know that when it comes to our wedding album, your Leeds wedding photographer is pushed to show everything, even if they are bad because it’s the only one.

But, hey, don’t worry too much, because we’ve got the guy who doesn’t just show-off on her portfolios and then ruins your wedding album. That person is from Kirsty Mattson Photography.

4.    The overconfident kind

And then, there are photographers who tend to think that they know too much to engage in a conversation with their clients for too long. In other words, overconfident wedding photographers. These people don’t think that your wedding is going to be that much different from others. You pay them, they shoot for you and then sends you the finished product in 4-6 months. End of story.

Sounds pretty smooth, except that they might even miss out your requests! This kind of photographer don’t listen much and won’t come to your wedding rehearsal to help you and himself. This confidence won’t just ruin himself, but your wedding pictures as well in the process because it feels like he’s shooting for himself, not for you.

Note these 4 types of photographers while you look for potential candidates. These photographers can make you feel uncomfortable, disappointed and are not worth your time and effort to look, pay and work with. Find a Leeds wedding photographer that doesn’t fall under any of the category.