What To Do When Looking For a Wedding Photographer

wedding tipsSurvey

Do a quick survey with friends, family members, and acquaintances regarding a wedding photographer they might have worked with in the past and who they highly recommend. Talk to friends and other people you may know who just recently married. Chances are that they have had their fair share of wedding photographers they have reviewed and will most likely have a ton of advice and options available for you. This is an untapped resource that you should not allow to go to waste if you could help it. Take notes and try to ask for the contact info to make your life way easier than having to seriously start from scratch.

List expenses

Make a list of all of the expenses you have for the wedding and figure out how much you are setting aside for the wedding photographer. Expense is everything when it comes to organizing a wedding. You should have a budget drawn up and make sure that you stick to it by all means. Not having a budget will leave things completely blown out of the water and leave you high and dry and probably neck deep in debt, if you are not careful enough. Decide on an amount of money that you would like to spend for a wedding photographer and stick to it by all means. Commitment is everything and in this situation, it involves the amount of money that you put in at some point.

Negotiate pricing

Negotiate the pricing with the wedding photographer. Check out the price packages and see how it adds up for you value-wise. And speaking of pricing, a little street smart in negotiating never hurt anyone. Review all of the pricing packages other wedding photographers out there have to offer and go ahead and compare them or pit them against each other. Check out if the value adds up for you and make the best choice available.


Ask if they have a team assembled and try to do a meet and greet to really get acquainted. An open line of communication with the essex wedding photographer will ensure that all of the expectations are managed and you get to have everything you would like to get out of the service. More than that, a team will make sure that tasks and other responsibilities do not get backed up. A team will make sure that all the tasks are disseminated and make sure that all grounds are covered.

Review contract

Review the contract the wedding photographer has drawn up and check if it is something that is fair for you as a client. You have to know what the photographer is contractually bound to satisfy and make sure that you are not being cut short out of a really good deal. If you have the time, see if you can quickly get the contract reviewed by a legal attorney and ask for his professional opinion on whether or not it is something that checks out. One particular item to check out would have to be the copyright requirements. Check if it stipulates that you have to pay every time you get the pictures printed out.