Rainy Day Shouldn’t Scare You Photographers

wedding photographers KentRainy wedding photography isn’t a favorite thing for many photographers. Yet, sooner or later you will be faced with this condition. You’ll end up having to deal with dark clouds or even rainy condition when working with one of your clients. Rather than figuring out what to do then, it’s best that you prepare now what you can do.

Check out how to do rainy wedding photography like professional wedding photographers Kent.

Practice anytime

Whenever it’s raining, know that this is your chance to practice your rainy photography. Whenever you have the chance, try to see the gems under the rain. What is the beauty that cannot be revealed if not under the rain? Rain itself vibes a romantic feeling; two people sharing a single umbrella, a guy shielding his girl with his suit, a teenage couple running under the rain with crazy giggles, etc.

There are so many things that can only be seen if it rains. This makes this very moment a rare one for your couples. So, instead of thinking that it’s going to be another bad day, tell your client that they’re going to get unique wedding pictures that are more special than usual.

One of the best wedding photographers Kent mention that it’s not easy, but if you can find yourself a different way of viewing rain, it’ll be different. That’s what www.pennyyoungphotography.com believes.

Waltz under the rain

One thing you can do is to waltz under the rain. That’s right, have the couple do the finishing move of a dance and shoot one of that. It’s best to have this picture done in a wide field or at a gazebo. Think of the rain as an additional backdrop to the view.

Another kind of waltz you can have is the couple holding each other and simply stare into each other’s eyes, suck deep in each other’s mesmerizing beauty.

Use umbrella

Umbrella is also another obvious prop you can make use of the weather like this. Get a lot of different umbrellas to use for your photography. You never know when you’ll have to do another wedding photography and using the same prop is going to make it look similar.

Change the feel with a different umbrella and pose each time. Don’t rely on just one or two methods because it’ll definitely bear resemblance to the other rainy pictures you took.

You can still do lots of normal poses under the rain. But, this time, however, you need to be quick and make sure that you can get the shot in one try with the rain pouring.

Release your inner child

We’re all kids in the heart. Let the couple return to the moment when they didn’t bother if they had to step into the damp ground and run under the rain. This is possible if the rain is still light. It’ll be a very rare shoot as not that many couples get to shoot under the rain, doing such fun things together.

Leaving something memorable from their wedding day is also one of your jobs. Imagine the rain as something that will help wedding photographers Kent to achieve just that.