What To Do For The Wedding Day

Make a to-do list for your groom.

wedding photographer nottinghamIt doesn’t have to be on the bride all the time. Although, if we are being honest, the truth of the matter is that most of the work will be on the bride and not on the groom. Brides are more attentive and their bridesmaids can be quite helpful. The same cannot be said about grooms and their groomsmen though. This is why you need to make sure that you get things checked out the right way while you are at it. Help him out a little bit, even in just the little things. A small but very detailed to do list can turn out to give him all the help that he could possibly need.

Keep it simple and concise.

Give him something that he will be able to easily tick off. Some of the most common things that should be included in a groom’s list are the rings, the written vows, the cuff links, his tuxedo, and anything else that you might have in mind for him to take care of during the day of the wedding. When everything is neatly mapped out in a list, it makes it very hard for him to miss out on this very important stuff. Make sure that your groom gets to coordinate with your wedding photographer Nottingham as well so that he is fairly comfortable with the thought of getting his photos taken. Although weddings are generally about brides, the groom is also pretty much part of the picture and part of the wedding in general. He needs to start getting used to having the wedding photographer Nottingham that you hired out around all the time.

Discuss expectations on behaviour with the groomsmen.

Whether this is something that you would like to admit or not, the truth is that groomsmen in general can be a bit too rowdy and can end up enjoying themselves far too much especially during the wedding reception. You need to make sure that you get to sit down with them and talk to them about the expected behaviour that you are expecting from them. Any unnecessary taunting and joking around might make the rest of the wedding guests a bit uneasy and a bit out of place. This is what you need to keep in line and keep in check all the time as much as you possibly can. Once you feel as if everyone has a common level of understanding, then they are more or less ready to go through with the rest of the wedding day. You just need to make them understand that first and foremost.

Break your shoes in.

You don’t want to have sore feet all throughout the wedding. You might not enjoy your wedding as much as you would like to and this can make it tough for your wedding photographer Nottingham to depict you as the happy and glowing bride. Wear them around in the house and walk around in them. This will help make you feel a little more accustomed to the new shoes when it all comes down to it.

Go easy on the perfume.

You want to wear a scent to act as something that can make you attractive, not repulsive. Don’t overdo it. A little can go a long way. Keep that in mind.

Learning Wedding Photography: Things to Avoid


wedding photography tipsThey say that experience is the best teacher. In order for someone to absolutely absorb and understand the ins and outs of something – anything – you need to actually know it from experience. That may sound like just another overused quote but it is famous and overused for a reason; it’s because it is true. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make the same mistakes that people make in order for you to be able to take anything or learn anything out of it. Case in point, learning wedding photography is not that heard, but there are so many risks that you would need to have to mitigate and even prepare for well ahead of time. We came up with this article to at least give out a few tips of things that you can avoid as a novice learning wedding photographer at the beginning of his or her journey.

No squinting

First things first, and this is extremely important; avoid capturing photos of your subjects without squinting. There are a lot of ways that you can look at this. True, natural light is really quite flattering for facial features and even group profiles but the sun is not always your best friend. You have to be careful of where you position your subjects and how you will be able to play around with the lighting. Please take note that it is extremely good advice to always not shoot your subjects against the light. You will not even care how gorgeous the wedding couple is on their wedding day – nobody looks good while squinting. The eyes open up the face and add much more definition to the features than any other element involved that comprises it so you have to keep them open both for your sake and the subjects’ sake.

No messy background

Next up, do not ever shoot with a messy background. No matter how perfect the bride looks or how regal and blinding white her gown may be; it will all pale in comparison to having her pose behind a background filled with unruly and untamed grass or thorny bushes that are untrimmed or just downright trashy. This is why it is so critical for an up and coming photographer to scout the locations ahead of time. It pays if you are familiar what the best spots are and envision ahead of time how you will be able to choreograph your shots the moment the event day comes in.

Draw inspiration

The formula really is quite simple. Draw inspiration from everyday things but always get your game plan on. The moment that you plan ahead of time, you get to capture just that perfect shot or more than that, capture that really awesome series of shots with all of the right elements working for you.

Try to take note these itty bitty little details and avoid some major mistakes along the way and you should be able to pretty much pull off your very first wedding as a professional wedding photographer nottingham. So take it and learn from it.