Help In Booking A Gay Wedding Photographer


gay wedding photographerHiring out a professional gay wedding photographer is more or less like the same thing as with hiring out any other regular wedding photographer out there. You just need to make sure that you are actually filtering out your searches some more by ensuring that they have the experience in shooting gay or same sex weddings in particular. Shooting a gay wedding really isn’t just like shooting a regular heterosexual wedding. There are a lot of things that you will need to go ahead and take into account when you are planning to book a gay wedding photographer in the first place. Someone might say that they can shoot pictures of a wedding regardless of the gender or sexual preferences of the couple getting married but the truth is that being a gay wedding photographer comes with so many other challenges that a regular wedding photographer might not know how to handle right off the bat. There are just some things that you don’t happen to learn in school or anything like that.

Experience is one thing that can bring in so much more value to what someone does.

This is something that you need to remember all the time when you are looking for a professional to entrust the coverage of your wedding to.


As sad as this might sound or seem, the truth of the matter is that not all of the wedding photographers out there as well as wedding vendors are as accepting and as willing to work with gay couples. This is what you need to go ahead and consider as much as possible. You shouldn’t allow this to keep you down though. There are still quite a lot of wedding vendors who are open to the idea of booking a gay couple and providing their services out them. This is one of the first things that you should be asking your wedding photographers as well as the rest of the other wedding vendors that you are planning to work with for the big day.

Equipment contingency plan.

The wedding photographer’s equipment is usually worth tons and tons of money. A photographer can easily carry around 10 thousand dollars’ worth of equipment with him during the wedding. It would make sense for them to invest on just one because those were expensive. At the same time, it would make sense for you as a client as well to make sure that your photographer can carry on with the photography coverage in case something happens to their main equipment. You should confirm this regardless of the whether you are getting a gay wedding photographer or not, by the way.


Have a good and long heart to heart talk with your gay wedding photographer and talk to him about what his philosophies are when it comes to the aspect of providing coverage for the wedding. This way, you can ensure that you really are aligned accordingly. Chemistry is one of the things that you need to absolutely have with the photographer of your choice.

How To Hire Your Professional Seattle Photographer

professional Seattle photographerMost of the brides and grooms out there have actually been even dreaming of a Seattle-based wedding.If this is something that you have been looking at for quite some time now, all you need to know is that you are not alone. There’s just something extremely romantic and extremely noteworthy when it comes to the idea of planning out a wedding that is based in Seattle. The things that you will need to worry about and work on when it comes to things like this.

Look for a wedding planner.

First and foremost, if you don’t happen to be a native of the area, you might want to go ahead and reach out to a wedding planner right away. Hiring a wedding planner will not be cheap but you are always guaranteed to have most of the planning process done for you and set out for you the right way. A wedding planner in the Seattle area will also make sure that you are introduced to all of the right wedding industry vendors. You don’t have to worry about starting things from scratch because you are getting into this could things laid out for you the right way.

Go through the motions of planning at the hotel that you are going to be booking with.

You need to go ahead and consider the aspect of transportation and Logistics among a bunch of other things that you will need to worry about. It would be a good plan if you could go ahead and look for hotels that are quite near airports or hotels that have great Transportation options at the end of the day. This is the type of thing that will make things so much easier for you to deal with. More than that, what you always go ahead and assure yourself of is the fact that you will be doing your guests a favor.

Hire a great wedding photographer.

Make sure it’s well that you get to hire a great wedding photographer from Seattle to help document your wedding the right way. There really isn’t any point in going through all of the efforts of setting up your wedding if you do not have photos that you can look back on at some point or so long after the wedding is over. A great photographer will be able to give you something that you the treasure for the rest of your life. If you have a need for a professional Seattle photographer, go ahead and consult your wedding planner about this.

Chances are that he most likely has list after list of great wedding photographers in the area and all that you need to do is to just go ahead and ask. Weddings in Seattle are picturesque and romantic and they are the type of things that are bound to be one for the books. For as long as you have something planned out the right way, you can be rest assured that you will be able to pull anything off. This is something that you will be able to take to the bank every single time.

Kent Wedding Photography Tips To Heed

wedding photographer based in kentKent wedding photography tips are something crucial to your success as a new wedding photographer and the first thing that you need to look into is the framing of the photos that you are taking. Framing is one of the most basic principles out there and it is something that you need to perfect as a professional wedding photographer. In order for you to better wrap your head around the concept of what works for the aspect of framing, think of it more as lines literally framing your subject into position. It doesn’t matter if the lines are clearly visible or perceptual. What is important is that you have a basis or some kind of gauge to base your photos on. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can use to frame your photos from at the end of the day. You can use anything to everything from a bank of clouds to a line of trees and so on and so forth. It is all a matter of finding the right perspective and of making use of it when you are shooting your photos at the end of the day. Always get things checked out on the framing side of things because it will make a world of difference for your photos when it all comes down to it.

Closeups are also extremely important.

Of all of the Kent wedding photography tips out there, this is something that is worth reminding yourself of again and again. Weddings bank on the aspect of bringing emotions together. It is a celebration of love and of affection and the joining of two people, after all. As a wedding photographer, your main purpose is to make sure that all of those emotional and powerful moments actually get documented the right way when it all comes down to it. This is something that you are going to need to be quite comfortable about. Closeups are pretty great in terms of capturing the moment and this is something that you should actively look after and seek out as a professional wedding photographer based in Kent. You can achieve this by either being really close to your subjects or to the people that you are photographing or by using a long lens.

Religion should not be something that could affect your working relationship with your clients.

Religion varies from time to time and there really is no telling how things will pan out in terms of the clints that you get to book. And quite honestly enough, this shouldn’t even be an issue. After all, at the end of the day, you are there to document a wedding as a professional observer. As a professional, try to keep your opinions and your preferences separate at all times because this is not what you are being paid to do. When you respect and when you don’t discriminate, this will make your job so much easier to pull off.

Opt for natural light all of the time.

Natural light is the best way to go. You do not need to set anything up. You do not need to work anything out. It’s the perfect accessory.

Linkedin Can Be Useful to a Wedding Photographer

Importance of social media

photography tipsSocial media is something that is technically really under appreciated by most of the new wedding photographers in the industry today. This is because of the fact that they don’t really see this is something that can turn out to be a really fairly lucrative marketing platform when it is being used the right way. There are actually so many discussions that come along with the effectiveness of social media but the bottom line in all of it is the fact that time and time again, businesses and commercial professionals have proven that it can actually turn out to be quite useful especially when you are more or less bent on acquiring potential clients or on at least getting people who have parallel interests to know about you or to notice you the right way as a professional wedding photographer.

Networking is the main key to success if you would like to make sure that you will be able to make it commercially as a wedding photographer and social media is technically one of the best and easiest ways for you to start off on your networking strategies.

Interact on LinkedIn

Although the main or the most common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like; one less popular social media platform that can really help you network with your fellow professionals is Linkedin. Again, we zero back to the fact that his is a free platform and what this means is that you will be able to use it or to utilize it without busting too much from your meager budget as a new wedding photographer. It provides a great venue for you to be able to interact and relate with the people who are working in your particular industry. This can be quite useful to providing you the kind of insights that you need so that you will be able to better wrap your head around the current trends and strategies that will apply to you and that will work for you in particular as a practicing professional wedding photographer cardiff.

Join specific groups

Make it a point to join in with specific groups that have something to do with wedding photography or with the aspect of being a wedding photographer. You will be able to glean useful info and wisdom that you will really be able to go ahead and implement well in your career.

Join in on on conversations

Make it a point to join in on conversations as well. Put in some relevant comments on threads that interest you or threads that make you feel involved with what is being talked about. Try to see as well if you will be able to go ahead and contribute some posts of your own as well as reply to any comments that might come in somewhere along the way. You need to keep in mind of the fact that this platform is regarded as a social media plat form for a reason and what that technically means for you is that you need to make sure that you are able to go ahead and pain an online presence that is deemed interesting and sociable when it all comes down to it.

Every Wedding Photographer Should Get a Tripod

Investing in a tripod is extremely important and crucial in your career as a wedding photographer.

tripodYou have to understand that once you are able to get most of your photography equipment sorted out, a tripod should be the next one on the list. This is mainly because of the fact that stability and steadiness are two of the most basic things that you will need to establish for the photos that you take as a wedding photographer during the wedding photography session. During the actual wedding event, you won’t really be able to pre-empt what kind of lighting situation you will have to deal with. If you get something that will be fairly favorable for you as a wedding photographer and something that will make your job so much easier, then good and well. However, if this is not something that you will be able to pull off, then you need to make sure that you are armed with all of the things that you need in order for you to successfully shot your pictures with next to no hassles at the end of the day.

Shoot in low light setting

A tripod is something that will be able to really get you out of a pinch if you ever find yourself having to shoot in a low light setting during the wedding event. When the camera doesn’t get enough light coming into the sensor, it will deliberately slow down the shutter speed so that it will be able to maximize exposure and make the most use of the lighting that it is able to get. Although this works out fine in the pictures, the down side to this is that the camera tends to shake or vibrate a little. If you did not go through the motions of being able to secure the camera and make sure that it is anchored down the right way, you will end up with blurry pictures at the end of the wedding photography shoot. That is not something that will get to reflect well on you as a wedding photographer and is something that you should avoid at all costs.

Sturdy and high quality

When you do get a tripod, make sure that you go for something that is sturdy and high quality. Most of the new wedding photographers usually have an issue with money and it can be quite easy to fall into the temptation of going for something cheap and slightly sub standard. This is not the kind of risk that you will be able to afford as a wedding photographer essex. You have to understand that you should prioritize the safety of your professional photography equipment about all else. When you opt to go for a cheaper and flimsier tripod, you run the risk of getting your tripod toppled over by the weight.

Easy to transport

You will also be bringing the tripod along with you all of the time during your stint as a wedding photographer. When you do decide to get a tripod, you might as least go for something that is built for easy transport.

What To Do When Looking For a Wedding Photographer

wedding tipsSurvey

Do a quick survey with friends, family members, and acquaintances regarding a wedding photographer they might have worked with in the past and who they highly recommend. Talk to friends and other people you may know who just recently married. Chances are that they have had their fair share of wedding photographers they have reviewed and will most likely have a ton of advice and options available for you. This is an untapped resource that you should not allow to go to waste if you could help it. Take notes and try to ask for the contact info to make your life way easier than having to seriously start from scratch.

List expenses

Make a list of all of the expenses you have for the wedding and figure out how much you are setting aside for the wedding photographer. Expense is everything when it comes to organizing a wedding. You should have a budget drawn up and make sure that you stick to it by all means. Not having a budget will leave things completely blown out of the water and leave you high and dry and probably neck deep in debt, if you are not careful enough. Decide on an amount of money that you would like to spend for a wedding photographer and stick to it by all means. Commitment is everything and in this situation, it involves the amount of money that you put in at some point.

Negotiate pricing

Negotiate the pricing with the wedding photographer. Check out the price packages and see how it adds up for you value-wise. And speaking of pricing, a little street smart in negotiating never hurt anyone. Review all of the pricing packages other wedding photographers out there have to offer and go ahead and compare them or pit them against each other. Check out if the value adds up for you and make the best choice available.


Ask if they have a team assembled and try to do a meet and greet to really get acquainted. An open line of communication with the essex wedding photographer will ensure that all of the expectations are managed and you get to have everything you would like to get out of the service. More than that, a team will make sure that tasks and other responsibilities do not get backed up. A team will make sure that all the tasks are disseminated and make sure that all grounds are covered.

Review contract

Review the contract the wedding photographer has drawn up and check if it is something that is fair for you as a client. You have to know what the photographer is contractually bound to satisfy and make sure that you are not being cut short out of a really good deal. If you have the time, see if you can quickly get the contract reviewed by a legal attorney and ask for his professional opinion on whether or not it is something that checks out. One particular item to check out would have to be the copyright requirements. Check if it stipulates that you have to pay every time you get the pictures printed out.

Learning Wedding Photography: Things to Avoid


wedding photography tipsThey say that experience is the best teacher. In order for someone to absolutely absorb and understand the ins and outs of something – anything – you need to actually know it from experience. That may sound like just another overused quote but it is famous and overused for a reason; it’s because it is true. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make the same mistakes that people make in order for you to be able to take anything or learn anything out of it. Case in point, learning wedding photography is not that heard, but there are so many risks that you would need to have to mitigate and even prepare for well ahead of time. We came up with this article to at least give out a few tips of things that you can avoid as a novice learning wedding photographer at the beginning of his or her journey.

No squinting

First things first, and this is extremely important; avoid capturing photos of your subjects without squinting. There are a lot of ways that you can look at this. True, natural light is really quite flattering for facial features and even group profiles but the sun is not always your best friend. You have to be careful of where you position your subjects and how you will be able to play around with the lighting. Please take note that it is extremely good advice to always not shoot your subjects against the light. You will not even care how gorgeous the wedding couple is on their wedding day – nobody looks good while squinting. The eyes open up the face and add much more definition to the features than any other element involved that comprises it so you have to keep them open both for your sake and the subjects’ sake.

No messy background

Next up, do not ever shoot with a messy background. No matter how perfect the bride looks or how regal and blinding white her gown may be; it will all pale in comparison to having her pose behind a background filled with unruly and untamed grass or thorny bushes that are untrimmed or just downright trashy. This is why it is so critical for an up and coming photographer to scout the locations ahead of time. It pays if you are familiar what the best spots are and envision ahead of time how you will be able to choreograph your shots the moment the event day comes in.

Draw inspiration

The formula really is quite simple. Draw inspiration from everyday things but always get your game plan on. The moment that you plan ahead of time, you get to capture just that perfect shot or more than that, capture that really awesome series of shots with all of the right elements working for you.

Try to take note these itty bitty little details and avoid some major mistakes along the way and you should be able to pretty much pull off your very first wedding as a professional wedding photographer nottingham. So take it and learn from it.


Five Tips to Help You Find A Great Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyFinding the right photographer is an important part of planning for your wedding. The photographer you hire is the person who will immortalize this special day so you can remember it. Here are a few tips to help you find the right wedding photographer.

  1. Don’t hire an amateur.

You need to find someone who is a professional photographer. Asking a friend to take pictures at your wedding is not a good option, and you should avoid hiring someone who is just getting started. You might not get quality pictures if you do not hire someone who is a professional photographer and who has plenty of experience with weddings.

  1. Hire someone who has done weddings before.

Some professional photographers specialize in portraits or in other types of photography. It is very important to hire someone who has plenty of experience with weddings since your photographer will have to document this special day without getting in the way of the celebration. Professional wedding photographers learn how to capture all the magic moments that matter without drawing attention to themselves.

  1. Look at their portfolio.

Every photographer has their own style. Some are very versatile and can easily adapt to the kind of pictures you would like to have taken, but the personal style of the photographer will still be noticeable. This is why you need to look at the portfolio of different wedding photographers and ask yourself if you like their styles and think it would be a good fit for the kind of atmosphere you want to create for your wedding.

  1. Be clear about what you want.

It is very important to communicate with your photographer and to give them a good idea of what you want. If you have any specific pictures you would like to have taken, you need to tell them in advance. You also need to specify how you want to have the pictures taken, tell the photograph if you want some group pictures with all your guests or would rather have some individual portraits of all your guests and let them know if you want color photographs or black and white.

  1. Meet before the wedding.

It is important to meet with your photographer in advance to talk about some details. You need to agree on a price and get a contract that lists the services the photographer will be providing, especially if you expect them to edit the pictures, print the photographs or create a slideshow or a video. You also need to work on some technical details and might have to plan some time during your wedding to have some group pictures taken.

Use these five tips to find the right wedding photographer and get some amazing photographs taken during your special day. Hiring a photographer is another detail you have to take care of while planning for your wedding, but it is very important to choose the right person since the pictures they will take will become treasured mementos of this special day.