Wedding Photography Fails You Should Avoid

wedding photography mistakesWedding photography definitely comes with its own slew of challenges and they are points that you should seriously consider in case this is something you plan on taking on professionally. First off, it’s good to admit and just pretty much get this out of the way: wedding photography is one of the hardest photography styles to pull off. It requires a lot of patience and hard work. It requires you to properly take care of your gear and prepare well ahead of time. It is also not an easy market to get into especially if you are someone inexperienced and if you have never shot a wedding event before.

Luckily for you, there are a lot of self help materials that are readily available online so with a little research, you pretty much have all of the basic ingredients for the basic wedding photography elements. One thing that you need to watch out for is the mishaps that come along with wedding photography. You need to make sure that you are able to avoid them to make your journey an obstacle-free one and for you to continuously satisfy your clients.


Inexperience is probably one of the biggest wedding photography fails, ever. You should never ever over assess yourself. If you have never covered a wedding before, be honest and disclose that well ahead of time. You should also never attempt to take in any clients just yet if you’re planning to may target practice shots out of their wedding. It is unfair and unethical to do so. Instead, you can opt to offer to assist a more established professional wedding photographer such as this wedding photographer essex. Just get in there and get your feet wet. Get a good feel about how the entire event was covered. Get on several gigs just to get you acclimated and make you comfortable enough to be able to shoot your own event.

Forgetting must-have shots

Forgetting must-have shots is also a common fail in wedding photography. Sometimes, weddings can be really fast paced and too many photographers have been caught in the moment and missed out on some crucial shots that the bride or groom probably requested ahead of time –such as a dearly beloved great aunt who had to travel from a different continent just to attend the wedding. One practice that you should constantly do is to have a checklist of moments and people that you should be photographing. This keeps you grounded and keeps you on the right track and makes sure that you do not leave anyone or anything out.

Too much light

Make sure that you are also careful when it comes to using too much light. Natural light does wonders for profiles and features and can make the bride extraordinarily gorgeous if done right and executed accurately. However, too much light can drown out the features and make the photo blinding and a bit blurry. The bride is always at risk when it comes to this mistake because the bride tends to wear a lot of white. Make sure you do your practice shots in the location ahead of time so adjust yourself to the natural lighting of the place. If you so need to use the flash, bring a deflector along to balance it out.