What To Do When Looking For a Wedding Photographer

wedding tipsSurvey

Do a quick survey with friends, family members, and acquaintances regarding a wedding photographer they might have worked with in the past and who they highly recommend. Talk to friends and other people you may know who just recently married. Chances are that they have had their fair share of wedding photographers they have reviewed and will most likely have a ton of advice and options available for you. This is an untapped resource that you should not allow to go to waste if you could help it. Take notes and try to ask for the contact info to make your life way easier than having to seriously start from scratch.

List expenses

Make a list of all of the expenses you have for the wedding and figure out how much you are setting aside for the wedding photographer. Expense is everything when it comes to organizing a wedding. You should have a budget drawn up and make sure that you stick to it by all means. Not having a budget will leave things completely blown out of the water and leave you high and dry and probably neck deep in debt, if you are not careful enough. Decide on an amount of money that you would like to spend for a wedding photographer and stick to it by all means. Commitment is everything and in this situation, it involves the amount of money that you put in at some point.

Negotiate pricing

Negotiate the pricing with the wedding photographer. Check out the price packages and see how it adds up for you value-wise. And speaking of pricing, a little street smart in negotiating never hurt anyone. Review all of the pricing packages other wedding photographers out there have to offer and go ahead and compare them or pit them against each other. Check out if the value adds up for you and make the best choice available.


Ask if they have a team assembled and try to do a meet and greet to really get acquainted. An open line of communication with the essex wedding photographer will ensure that all of the expectations are managed and you get to have everything you would like to get out of the service. More than that, a team will make sure that tasks and other responsibilities do not get backed up. A team will make sure that all the tasks are disseminated and make sure that all grounds are covered.

Review contract

Review the contract the wedding photographer has drawn up and check if it is something that is fair for you as a client. You have to know what the photographer is contractually bound to satisfy and make sure that you are not being cut short out of a really good deal. If you have the time, see if you can quickly get the contract reviewed by a legal attorney and ask for his professional opinion on whether or not it is something that checks out. One particular item to check out would have to be the copyright requirements. Check if it stipulates that you have to pay every time you get the pictures printed out.

Undertaking the Essentials of Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsAssess yourself

The first thing that you would need to do before even thinking about getting into the world of wedding photography in a professional sense is for you to objectively assess yourself first. Are you really ready for that kind of challenge? Are you skilled enough to cover events for photography and actually be paid professionally for it? If you’ve recently acquired a nice DSLR camera and have started taking practice shots and some friends mentioned that they turned out quite nice when you posted them on your social media platforms, that type of accolade alone might not be enough. Go to an actual professional photographer and ask for feedback for your work. Ask around as well and try to get the gist of what the majority of them are saying.

Second, get some training of any kind

It doesn’t matter of you got yourself in a short course or in a years-long curriculum just as long as you get some kind of formal and technical training in the craft. Sometimes, just swinging it and just by going with your instincts is not always enough. Offer to assist a professional wedding photographer and help cover his events. You will learn a lot through experience and under the tutelage of someone who has had hands on approach to the field. Keep an open mind and be open to learning new things, re-learning things you thought you already knew, and un-learning the things that you knew wrong.

Be honest about the level of experience you’ve had

Be upfront with your client if your only experience in the past was to just assist in other photographers’ wedding gigs and never really having any kind of experience of covering a wedding on your own. Admit the things that you are quite capable of and the things that are just a little way beyond your skill set. Have a long and detailed conversation and go over the details of what they are expecting from you and discuss and see if they can make compromises on the things that you can deliver and be brutally honest about it. This is something that you can’t just sugarcoat into a nicely packaged sales talk.

Prepare your gear ahead of time

Make sure that your cameras and all the other accessories are always in top condition and are always spic and span. Know your gear like the back of your hand. Familiarize yourself with all of the settings and modes that your camera has to offer and take practice shots daily just so that you keep getting better at it. The more frequently you do something, the more you are able to commit it to memory until such time when you are able to operate without even thinking much anymore or until it almost becomes part of your reflexes as a photographer.

Get out a list of the shots that the bride and groom absolutely cannot compromise on. These are the must-have shots that you need to take in order to make the asian wedding photography coverage substantial enough. Do your best to memorize the list but keep the physical one with you anyway for good measure.

Learning Wedding Photography: Things to Avoid


wedding photography tipsThey say that experience is the best teacher. In order for someone to absolutely absorb and understand the ins and outs of something – anything – you need to actually know it from experience. That may sound like just another overused quote but it is famous and overused for a reason; it’s because it is true. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make the same mistakes that people make in order for you to be able to take anything or learn anything out of it. Case in point, learning wedding photography is not that heard, but there are so many risks that you would need to have to mitigate and even prepare for well ahead of time. We came up with this article to at least give out a few tips of things that you can avoid as a novice learning wedding photographer at the beginning of his or her journey.

No squinting

First things first, and this is extremely important; avoid capturing photos of your subjects without squinting. There are a lot of ways that you can look at this. True, natural light is really quite flattering for facial features and even group profiles but the sun is not always your best friend. You have to be careful of where you position your subjects and how you will be able to play around with the lighting. Please take note that it is extremely good advice to always not shoot your subjects against the light. You will not even care how gorgeous the wedding couple is on their wedding day – nobody looks good while squinting. The eyes open up the face and add much more definition to the features than any other element involved that comprises it so you have to keep them open both for your sake and the subjects’ sake.

No messy background

Next up, do not ever shoot with a messy background. No matter how perfect the bride looks or how regal and blinding white her gown may be; it will all pale in comparison to having her pose behind a background filled with unruly and untamed grass or thorny bushes that are untrimmed or just downright trashy. This is why it is so critical for an up and coming photographer to scout the locations ahead of time. It pays if you are familiar what the best spots are and envision ahead of time how you will be able to choreograph your shots the moment the event day comes in.

Draw inspiration

The formula really is quite simple. Draw inspiration from everyday things but always get your game plan on. The moment that you plan ahead of time, you get to capture just that perfect shot or more than that, capture that really awesome series of shots with all of the right elements working for you.

Try to take note these itty bitty little details and avoid some major mistakes along the way and you should be able to pretty much pull off your very first wedding as a professional wedding photographer nottingham. So take it and learn from it.